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Six Things About the Game of Thrones Season Six Trailer

It’s finally here folks!!! After months and months with zero casting news and teaser trailers with no new information at all, HBO has finally put out a trailer with actual footage of Season Six.

First, take a look at the trailer released yesterday:

Now here’s six observations I made about the new trailer (If you aren’t caught up to Season Five, stop reading now. This will contain spoilers from the previous seasons):

1.Cersei is ready for battle with the Faith Militant

It was a rough season five for Cersei being usurped by Margaery, thrown in jail, and made to take a Walk of Shame through the streets of King’s Landing. But with Robert the Strong (the name of the undead Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane) by her side, Cersei looks primed to fight back. Of course, you probably noticed the “I choose violence” interaction she had with Lancel. But check out this screen shot:

Spears of the steps of the Faith Militant

That’s spears on the steps of the Holy Sept. It looks like it’s going to be quite the Holy War in Season Six.

2. Melisandre is having regrets.

Melisandre and Davos

I am not sure how it will effect her actions, but Melisandre clearly regrets all the direction she gave Stannis now that his mission to become king has failed. But looking on the bright side for the fiery priestess, her and Davos should get along splendidly now that “the one true king” is gone. I mean, who else are they going to talk to.

3. It’s Boltons vs Wildlings?

Bolton's vs Wildlings

At least that’s what it appears like to me. Those are large shields with the Bolton symbol on it against what looks like a Wildling army (“See, I told that was a great idea,” says Stannis as he rolls over in his grave).

4. Bran and the Night’s King!!!

Bran and The Night's King

Because he’s standing, this is likely a vision. But could Bran be receiving warnings the rest of Westeros needs to here?

5. Plenty of the Dead Body of Jon Snow

Jon Snow dead

There’s the “deader than dead” body of Jon Snow just where we left him at the end of last season. We also see his body here:

Davos and Jon's Body

That was the last scene where Davos pulls his sword out before the trailer ends. Now why would Davos need to draw his weapon in front of a “deader than dead” body? I have my suspicions, but I will keep those  for the sake of avoiding potential spoilers.

6. The Most Exciting Scene of All!!!!

Tower of Joy (Ned)

Who does that first guy look like to you? Could it be anybody other than Ned Stark? Of course, Ned is dead, so this has to be some kind of flashback. And for those of us familiar with the books, it could only be one flashback. Here’s another screenshot for later on in the trailer:

Targaryen King's Guard

Now the picture is not the best quality, but that is definitely a Targaryen symbol on that knight’s armor. And Targaryen knights have not been in Westeros since the Mad King, so it looks like we are getting a flashback to a battle between Targaryen knights and a group of men led by a young Ned Stark. It could only be one scene, and what a glorious scene it should be!!! But let’s wait until it appears in the show before we break it down further.

Bonus: Tyrion and the Dragons?

Tyrion and Dragons

I know, I know, this is cheating. I said six and this one technically makes seven. But I really wanted to include this last suspicion of mine. That’s Tyrion  a torch down in a tunnel in Meereen. And what is hiding in the tunnels of Meereen? Could Tyrion be going to see Dany’s dragons? That nervous look on his face would seem to say so.

Season Six premieres April 24th.

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