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Game of Thrones: Six Things For Season Six

It always ends too soon doesn’t it!!! Ten months of hype and build up, all for one two and a half month season. But just like that, it’s finished and the cycle starts all over again. So to start the long “hype and build up” portion of the process, here’s a quick look at some things to be looking forward to next season.

1. New Characters

Though these are not confirmed, some casting leaks have included descriptions of characters who are very similar to these three book characters:

Euron Greyjoy (The Crow’s Eye)

Euron is the brother of Balon. He is a pirate who’s been terrorizing various coastal cities around Essos while his brother ruled the Iron Islands. I am not sure how the TV show will explain his absence from the show or where he will be when we first see him, but he was banished by his brother from the Iron Islands in the books.

Randyll Tarly

Randall Tarly is Sam’s father, the man who shamed him all his life and sent him to the wall because “he wasn’t man enough.” So I am sure he will be a fan favorite next season. Also, it sounds as if the rest of Sam’s family will be cast for next season as well.

Septon Meribold

The Septon is a traveling missionary who serves the poor and suffering in the Riverlands.


2. New Places


The oldest and one of the largest cities in Westeros is where maesters receive their training. And Sam is likely headed to the Citadel for season six.

Horn Hill

Another Sam related location, Horn Hill is home of House Tarly. Being that the whole Tarly clan is being cast for next season, this is a likely destination.

This link provides speculation for some of the new shooting locations and what they could mean for next season.

Sam’s journey to become a maester will likely be an important storyline of season 6.

3. Returning Characters

Hodor returns!!! The big man with the expansive vocabulary returns after sitting season five out. Oh yeah, and Bran and Meera will be back as well. And hopefully, we will get a return of the Children of the Forest where they will show more mystical abilities than just throwing fireballs.

The big man is coming back for season six!!!

4. Potential Returning Characters?

I can only speculate here, but I think the show will bring back one or more of these forgotten characters. Since Meribold’s casting could return us to the Riverlands next season, surely we will see Edmure Tully (who was consummating his marriage while his family was slaughtered) and Brendyn “Blackfish” Tully (no one has ever had a better timed piss than Catelyn Stark’s uncle). And what about the vile Walder Frey? He’s been absent since orchestrating the Red Wedding massacre. Does he reemerge at some point in season six?

We have nothing to tell us that the Brotherhood Without Banners is not still out there. Are they still in the Riverlands as well? Have they moved to another location? Or have they disbanded and headed their separate ways? We last saw Gendry boarding a boat when Ser Davos helped him escape Melisandre’s wrath back in Season 3. Could Robert’s Baratheon’s bastard reappear in season six? And what about Rickon (the forgotten Stark) and Osha? Will they be with the Umber’s, as Bran directed them to go back in season 3? I doubt we see them all this season. But at least some of these characters have to appear again next season as we near the end of the series, don’t they?

Jaqen H’ghar returned for season five. But will we see any of these other characters be back for season six?

5. Larger Dragons and a Much Anticipated Delayed Scene?

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Game of Thrones VFX Supervisor Joe Bauer said the dragons will be “doubling in size” for season six. He also mentioned a massive scene that has been tabled the past two seasons that is set for season six (that is if it doesn’t get pulled again). I have no clue what scene hasn’t happened yet that the effects team would say is going to be difficult, but incredible.

The link to the whole interview is here:

If you want to skip to the parts I am referencing, scroll down to just below the picture of Dany flying on Drogon.

How many more seasons will the dragons be growing?


6. Bookreaders will continue to be just as surprised as TV viewers, but more often

As of this point, source material for season six has not been written. So unless Martin gets his sixth book out there before next season, we all will be experiencing most of it for the first time. And even if “Winds of Winter” makes it to the shelf before season six, the changes in season five should continue the butterfly effect that is turning Game of Thrones from a show based on the books to a show inspired by them, but creating its own story.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week as I’ve been wrapping up season five of Game of Thrones. Here are links to three previous installments:

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On Monday (the usual spot for my recap throughout the season), I will present a piece I’ve been sitting on for awhile now. I will be comparing Game of Thrones to the other great television series of this modern golden age of television. I am sure it will spark much debate not only for the shows I include, but the shows I don’t. So be sure to come by on Monday and let me know what you think.




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