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Coffee and Superheroes: Who Drinks What?

Coffee is an amazing thing.  It gives us the drive to power through the gauntlet that is cubicle life, as well as giving struggling writers a reason to show everyone at the local coffee shop (Starbucks) that they are, in fact, writers.  As I was sipping my morning coffee (maybe third or fourth morning coffee) out of my Batman coffee cup, I began to wonder what caffeinated beverages gave our favorite superheroes that extra pep in the step of the roundhouse kick to the ne’er-do-well’s villainous jowls.  What follows is purely speculative reasoning as to each hero’s favorite coffee.

Captain America

Captain America movie

Black Coffee, no frills.   Preferably instant coffee from a WWII C-Ration, but Maxwell House will suffice (if it’s good enough for Teddy Roosevelt, it’s good enough for Cap).

Steve Rogers is a traditional, no nonsense, American fightin’ man.  During WWII they didn’t have the fancy pants coffee we have now.  In fact, from November 1942 to July 1943, the US rationed coffee to insure the American GI could have something to keep them sharp over in Europe and the Pacific.  Cap is a natural born leader who never puts himself above his men – if his men are drinking C-Ration instant coffee, then that’s what he’ll be sippin’.




Caffeine Capsule Stored in the Utility Belt

Batman’s a busy man.  Whether he’s gallivanting around as the playboy, billionaire, or zipping around Gotham battling the criminal underworld, he doesn’t have time to sit and sip a latte.  When he needs to have a little pick-me-up, he needs it quick and he needs it efficient.  Solution? Caffeine Capsule that is stored in his handy Utility-Belt (probably named a Bat-Pill, or Bat-Caffiene Capsule… I’m sure Alfred’s working on an appropriate Bat-themed name).

The Hulk


Chamomile Tea

Hulk, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.  When his heart rate goes up so does his pant-size and anger management issues.  Caffeine is probably not the best thing for Dr. Banner to be consuming considering some of the main side-effects are increased heart-rate and high blood pressure.   No, Banner needs the soothing effects of Chamomile tea.  Chamomile has a mild sedative effect and lowers stress, anxiety, and heart rate, which would mean Banner could keep being Banner instead of Banner becoming Hulk.

Whoever made this meme had it backwards

Whoever made this meme had it backwards




Folgers, Cream and Two Sugars

Clark is a simple man with simple taste.  He was raised on a farm in the heart of Kansas, nothing fancy about that.  Black coffee would be a bit to bitter for his his hypersensitive taste buds so he would need it to be cut with something sweeter.  Give him a cup of Folgers Classic, throw a dash of cream and two sugars in there, and he will feel stronger than a Kryptonian on Tatooine… because Tatooine has two yellow suns… too much?




Mead. Only Mead.

... and the occasional black coffee.

… and the occasional black coffee.




Triple, Venti, Steamed, Half Sweet, Soy, Non-Fat, Chia Machiatto, Extra Chia, Extra Drizzle, Double-Cupped

You know why.

Iron Man


Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee is what happens when you brew coffee with Red Bull instead of water, add a dash of pure caffeine powder with simple syrup, and cut it with milk and antacid.  Disgusting?  Absolutely.  Deadly?  Most likely, but this is just the kind of drink a man with as busy a schedule and as high a tolerance as Mr. Stark would need to make it through his manic bouts of invention mixed with his flying around the world in a suit of armor at Mach 3.  Do you really think a regular cup of coffee would fuel that kind of life?

Coffee may not give you superpowers, but there is little doubt that it will give you at least a modicum of morale and will power to work your way through to quitting time.  So what kind of coffee do you think your favorite superhero would drink? Let us know in the comments!

Is Another Classic Avenger Joining The Team For “Avengers: Age of Ultron”?


Well, It looks like it’s OFFICIAL! Paul Bettany has been cast as Vision in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”! Not to toot my own horn or anything but… toot toot!

Source: ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Casts Paul Bettany As The Vision


Rumors of Vision showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe date back a few years, but the latest resurgence of the rumor carries a little more weight.

Below is a Tweet from ElMayimbe, from Latino Review. The dudes over there are notorious for getting good scoops, and they seem to think that Vision is definitely in the Avengers sequel…

For those of you who are not familiar, Vision is an android who was actually created by Ultron to be a foe for the Avengers but he eventually is convinced that Ultron does not have good intentions and so he joins the Avengers and turns against Ultron.

Originally, in the comics, Ultron was created by Hank Pym/Ant-man, but speculation is that for AoU he’ll have been created by Tony Stark. So this begs the question: Will Vision be created by Tony or Ultron?

Maybe Vision already exists in the MCU and we have in fact already seen him… or, HEARD him, rather…

I theorize that Tony’s A.I. Jarvis is Vision. I think that it would make perfect sense for Tony to, in a moment of clarity, to have a “vision” and create Jarvis his own body to go with his already evolved consciousness.

As you know, there’s been a lot of casting news on this flick already. In addition to the original team coming back, we’re gonna see Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Baron von Strucker, and the previously mentioned titular villain Ultron. But we haven’t heard anything about casting for Vision. If my theory is correct, that would be because he’s already cast.

Paul Bettany is the voice of Jarvis, and frankly would be the perfect form for Vision. We already know that he can do action (Legion, Priest) but he’s also got a sophisticated charm that is very much an attribute of Vision.

We shall see in time, but this just seems to make so much sense. Then again, Marvel doesn’t always do what makes the most sense with their casting…



From the Nerdery (Mailbag): Comic Book Crushes, Caped Catholicism, and the Ultimate Nerd War

This weeks nerd of the week are the awesome people behind this fan-made Wonder Woman trailer.  Check it out! It’s awesome.


On to the mailbag!

Name: Laura
Question #1: Who is your comic book crush? I know everybody has got one!

Bill — Ok! My kinda question! Where on earth to begin? Well for starters I am one hell of a picky man. I have only dated redheads. So by that standard it’s obvious Jean Grey is my comic book love. Except in the movies, she was WAY to manly. So, that’s my crush for the Marvel world.

Now for the DC universe, once again it’s a redhead. I got go with Poison Ivy. Maybe it’s the lack of clothes and green skin, but I can’t help but think “damn…” That’s not weird right? Well, screw you, What ever.

(Honorable mention goes to Kitty Pryde. Yeah yeah yeah, I know she’s not a redhead so that’s why she gets the HONORABLE mention. Bobby Drake is one lucky fellow.)

Cam — I honestly don’t have a longstanding comic book crush (I grew up liking Batman, and he was too busy brooding), so like a crafty politician I will subtly broaden the subject. Now that the subject has been broadened I will have to go with Natalie Portman for two reasons: 1. She was Padme’ in Star Wars. You can hate on those movies all you want, but in 1999 I was 11, and I was obsessed with all things Star Wars. That means during my formative years when I began to realize that girls are awesome, Portman was right there in the middle of my obsession (although Ep. II is probably my least favorite, she is definitely hottest in that movie). 2. She also happens to be Jane Foster, the love interest of Thor (can’t WAIT), who is currently a close second to my favorite superhero, Superman. So not only was she right their with me from 11-17, she is also in the movie I am most excited about right now.

Cody — Much to the surprise of my wife, Poison Ivy is my comic book crush. There is just something about her that is extremely attractive to me. I don’t think she’s overly sexual like Cat Woman, but I imagine she’d be very sexy in real life.

Robbie — Mary Jane Watson is my comic book crush. Sure I’m partial to all things Spider-man, but Mary Jane has this charming girl next door thing going on. She’s also supportive in most cases of Peter and his secret identity, which is a plus. In a comic book world of Wonder Womans, Jean Greys and Black Widows, some realism is nice in a female comic book character.

Stephen — When I was younger, I would have definitely said Rouge; Mostly because of the X-Men cartoon. That accent really did it for me, and there’s something really exciting about a tough woman who can kick a dude’s ass. For that reason, I’m going to say that my new crush is Hit-Girl.

Bill: That’s f—ed up dude.

Stephen: What? Why? She’s 18 isn’t she?

Bill: No dude, she’s 16.

Stephen: Well… dammit.


Name: Jackie

Question #2: Who do you think would win in a fight, The Hulk or Wolverine? My money is
on Wolverine, he’s got a healing factor and his only weakness is that he’ll drown in
water, I think?

Ah… the age old question. Wise men have pondered for many years. First off, I’ll clarify that Wolverine can come back from drowning. In the “AvX: What If” books, somebody tried to trap him underwater and when Namor got him he just revived. The idea is that the only way you could stop Wolverine is by separating his head from his body, but depending on the nature of regeneration it’s possible that his head would just grow right back. It may take awhile, but it’s possible. If anyone could snap his adamantium –clad spine and twist his furry head off, it’s Hulk. But Hulk isn’t without his weaknesses either… As soon as he calms down he’s turning right back into weak, frail Bruce Banner and Wolvie could run him through. The question then becomes, how fast can Banner turn into Hulk? In the Avengers, Bruce makes this statement, “I got low. I didn’t see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth… and the other guy spit it out.” Obviously he can Hulk-out faster than a speeding bullet, so he can probably Hulk-out faster than a speeding clawed-Canadian. If I HAVE to choose who would win this fight… I’m going to say Hulk. Not because I like him better or anything, I just think there are ways of permanently containing Wolverine, and “Hulk is the strongest there is.” — Stephen

Name: Nathan

Question #3: Are there any super heroes who are outspokenly religious?

Many mainstream comic book characters have some sort of religious attribute about them; whether it’s Nightcrawler’s, non-secretive, devout Catholic beliefs or Captain America stating that “there’s only one god”. The thing you have to understand about mainstream comics though, is that they have “gods” so religion is a very circumstantial thing in this medium. Thor and the hierarchy of the Asgardians are considered to be “gods” in some respects. Hell, even GOD, a monotheistic deity, exists is some comics. More recently in their New 52 DC introduced a Muslim Green Lantern named Simon Baz. The character has been effective in allowing comics to address the challenges that face Muslim-Americans today, though you could argue that the overtones are more political than religious.

Are any superheroes OUTSPOKENLY religious? Not really. Stan Lee once said that he purposely avoided writing overtly religious characters, and regarding his approach to the issue of religion and comics he said, “I thought of myself as an ‘equal opportunity writer,’”. — Stephen


Name: Paige

Question #4: Which do you like more Star Wars or Star Trek?

Cam — I am obviously going to go with Star Wars, but I think both are great. Star Wars is more of a fantasy/mythical tale, while Star Trek is more scientifically feasible (especially in the Next Generation), and the fantasy/mythical aspects just resonate more with me. I love epic stories more than I like probable sci-fi (it’s probably the reason I got a degree in philosophy and not science or mathematics). Star Wars is absolutely steeped in lore and myth. Is it realistic? Not at all, and I love it. It’s fantasy in the future. What’s not to love?

Cody — Because we HAVE to pick a side, I’m going to say Star Wars. I didn’t watch them in order originally, because we borrowed whatever was available, but I distinctly remember looking at the VHS sleeve of Return of the Jedi and just think how cool Luke looked on it. It was by far my favorite of the original trilogy. It’s a sentimental thing here. Though I have a great love of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We used to stay up late and watch it with my dad when I was eight.

Robbie — I’m going Star Wars on this for a multitude of reasons. I will say though, I respect what the old Star Trek shows/movies stood for. I love the new Star Trek movies and believe they should create a premium television series on the scale of Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Imagine throwing an insane budget at every episode with JJ Abrams directing/producing.

Stephen — Star Wars. Boba Fett. Nothing else matters.

Thank you DC, from a Marvel fan.



Thank you DC, from a Marvel fan. (written August 7th)


From the time I was a kid, and my mom would let me sit in the magazine aisle of our local grocery store reading comics while she replenished our pantry, I’ve always been a marvel fan. It’s nothing against DC, but for some reason I’ve always flocked to heroes like Captain America, Gambit, and Iron Man. Honestly at 8 years old I based my opinions on how cool the heroes looked. Super Man’s red under wear didn’t stand a chance next to Wolverine’s claws coming from his fists. As I grew older and came to understand the impact that comic book heroes had in society the more respect I had for them even though they were fictitious. That respect crosses both the DC and Marvel universe.

Since the time Superman was first introduced to the world, kids and adults have looked to super hero comics as either a way to relate to their problems with the world, or just simply escape them.  For instance, during World War II, Captain America was depicted fighting Nazis and Hitler himself. Superman tried to single handedly solve world hunger. Batman even took on the subject of drug abuse in Batman RIP, and in most recent years both Marvel and DC have taken on the subject of gay rights in announcing gay and lesbian characters. Social issues and comic books go hand in hand.

While I’ve always enjoyed the fun and exciting universe that is Marvel, I want to take a second and say thank you to Detective Comics. Today I’m sitting on the oncology floor of Vanderbilt Children’s hospital with my son and probably 30 other children who are battling some form of pediatric cancer. Over the last year I have learned more about real life super heroes than the ones that I’ve read about in comics in my 28 years of living. My son is one of them. He has endured 42 rounds of chemo therapy, one huge back surgery to partially remove a tumor from his spinal cord, 36 rounds of physical and occupational therapy, and has gone from being paralyzed to walking again, and did I mention he was four years old for most of this. He handled every bit of this in stride. Sure there were plenty of tears shed, and arguments had on going to chemo, but he has literally become a symbol of strength to people who are fighting the same disease and even people who aren’t. Every kid on this floor is just that… a symbol of strength, bravery, and hope. Each week we come to the hospital you can usually find all kinds of super heroes either painted on shoes or all over kids’ shirts. These are both Marvel and DC heroes. Each week you see kids who find strength in fictional heroes you’ve created and how they overcome their problems or in some cases don’t. Still you provide so much more than entertainment. You provide strength, hope, and bravery, to these kids and their parents. (Fact: more than 175,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer a year)

It’s been a long year, and to be honest my son hates chemo almost as much as the Joker hates Batman. So much so he does his best to not even talk about it. While it’s been long we (my wife and I) have always looked for ways to make the whole process easier for my son. Actually the first thing he watched when he woke up from surgery was Captain America (sorry DC, he’s a marvel kid). He would watch the Amazing Spiderman over and over while we were in the hospital. Truth be told, we even were able to sneak in some Batman Forever (he really loved all the bright colors). We’ve given him countless toys of Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Iron Fist, X-men, Hulk, and even Batman stuff to help keep his mind off how terrible chemo makes him feel. All of it worked to some degree, but nothing really helped keep his mind off of it permanently.

Yesterday, I took some time off work to hang out with my son before his last treatment. While I was sitting down to start writing another article for 4NL I thought of the video I had seen a couple of months ago that has been making its way around the internet. It shows how DC is directly helping kids to change their mindset on what is happening to them. Here it is if you’re not familiar.

I showed this video to my son, and as he watched I would see his eyes light up and a slight smile emerge. I asked him what he thought and the first thing out of his mouth was “I want some stuff to help me be like a superhero”. You have to understand, as a parent, trying to explain away the scary and boring place that is a hospital to a 4 year old is near impossible. Even the hospital we have that is decorated solely for kids becomes a bad memory over time, but here you are taking your awesome stories and characters and making them fight something that my son has been fighting every day for the last year. You’ve written it so that he immediately relates, and FEELS like he is being turned into a superhero. You’ve done something every fanboy and fan girl has always wanted in making them feel as if they ARE a super hero. What a powerful tool this is for kids fighting cancer. Let me say that every kid fighting cancer could use what is in this video…. hope, strength, and bravery.


So let me say this very clearly.


From a Marvel fan,




For helping kids conquer their arch nemesis one chemo at a time.






(I’m a huge advocate for finding a cure for pediatric cancer because of my son, and if you feel so led to help make an impact, feel free to make your own impact here.  They are the largest non-profit research organization for pediatric cancer, and their money is where their mouth is. Help save a life and donate.)

From The Nerdery (Mailbag)



It’s that time of week again; round 2 of our fun, yet harmless, mailbag questions. Before we get started I’d like to commend this young nerd for his enthusiastic welcome speech to Georgia Tech freshmen. Seriously it’s one of the best speeches I’ve seen. It’s funny and empowering. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. Let’s just say I will always want an orchestra to be behind me if I ever have to give a speech in the future. It really adds to the moment.

Anyway, let’s get to it.



Kari writes: How do you feel about Peter Capaldi?


For anyone who doesn’t know us personally, this is my wife trying to throw a wrench in the gears as none of us watch Doctor Who. Good one honey. While I’ve never watched the show (promise we will watch it together so I can become a whovian), I have seen a couple of episodes with different doctors (David Tennant and Matt Smith). While they are both completely different, they are still one in the same. They each added their own quirks to the doctor, but at the same time their wit and humor seem to be the same. I know I’m probably way off here, but just from one or two episodes from different seasons the writers for the show have not changed, and while the actors have changed and each put their little spins on the doctor, the baseline character has not changed completely. I say all this to say, from my perception, that you are either in one of two boats. You hate that Smith is gone, and you’re questioning coming back because of the new doctor or you’re optimistic about Peter Capaldi and what he could bring to the doctor and thought it was time for Smith to move on. My question is, with it being an older Doctor how many in the 18-35 year olds demographic are going to be tuned in and stay tuned in? Other than that, he seems to be a good guy. I don’t really know him. – Cody (Your loving husband)




Josh Davis asks: “Why don’t villains ever want to get laid?”


The short answer is, because they’re too distracted to see that’s an option. They’re typically too obsessed with world-domination and greed to realize that buying Mystique a couple of Blue Hawaiian’s might help them score a one night (Last) stand. Also, they’re typically very ugly or psychotic. Look at batman’s rogues gallery: Joker, Two-face, The Riddler, Penguin, Mr. Freeze. Short of hooking up with a crazed I-Write-Love-Letters-To-Serial-Killers-Because-Only-I-Understand-Them-Also-I-Have-52-cats kind of gal (which at least a couple of these guys has done), they’re just not packing the mental prowess and physical superiority to close the deal on a classy lady. – Stephen





Nathan Daugherty ponders: “In your opinions, who are the worst (for whatever reason) characters created in the DC/Marvel universes?”


Honestly we all had varying opinions on this, and mostly got hung up on heroes and not so much villains. We went with more popular characters that we think are terrible, just because if we mention a character like Water Wizard most people would be clueless. Here’s our answers…


Bill– I would have to say that my most hated superhero is Hulk. I just feel like he is a nuisance and an unneeded loose cannon in the Marvel Universe. My main problem with him is, his power only works when it’s convenient. And it seems like Marvel just gave him everything, they even once tried throwing him into the sun and that didn’t even kill him. If Hulk is on the good guys side, its just a dead give away that we are going to see the Hulk win. Marvel gave him everything, so I give him my most hated award


Cam– I was going to say Aquaman because Bill just loves him so much, but as I began to think about it I realized that there are some really stupid characters out there. The one that I just hated for some reason is Zatanna, the magician. Alex Ross’ Justice League run has some beautiful artwork, and her sitting there in her ridiculous top-hat/tuxedo combo was completely jarring. In one frame you have beautiful watercolors of some of the most iconic characters, and right beside them is this ridiculous lady dressed like a cheap magician you would rent for your kid’s birthday party if you hated them


Robbie– I’m going with Daredevil. The fact that he is blind is kind of cool I guess, but is really just ridiculous. I don’t see anything real appealing as far as his powers outside of his generic fighting skill set or heightened senses like every other superhero. Daredevil is just boring in my opinion. My answer may or may not also be influenced slightly by the recent news that Ben Affleck is the new Batman. On a side note, The Hulk is my runner up for most hated superhero.


Stephen—Aquaman. I know how generic it is to say that Aquaman is your most hated superhero, but I swear to you I tried to think of a character more ineffective and unnecessary. I just can’t. He communicates with fish. That’s his most renowned superpower. There’s literally no catastrophic event that would be thwarted by aquatic telekinesis. PetSmart Fish department assistant manager? Yes. Superhero? Absolutely not.


Cody– This is going to crush some of you, but I’m going with another “A” man. Antman. He is the land version of Aquaman. These are his powers (directly quoted from Marvel) “Has the ability to shrink to roughly the size of an ant, also can communicate telepathically with insects, and (as Ant-Man) can punch with as much force as a normal sized person” If I were picking a team of super heroes, I’d definitely want this guy. He can punch as hard as me, and can talk to roaches! Awesome.



That’s all we have time for today(because we all work 40 hour a week jobs.. except for Bill). Thanks for your awesome questions and we hope you’ll join us for our questions from The Nerdery.