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4LN Comic Review: Redneck #1

Series: Redneck
Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Dee Cunniffe
Colorist: Lisandro Estherren


Summary from Comixology: “The Bowmans are VAMPIRES who have quietly run the local barbecue joint in their small town for years, living off cow’s blood. Their peaceful coexistence ends as generations of hate, fear, and bad blood bubble to the surface–making it impossible to separate man from monster! Critically acclaimed writer DONNY CATES (GOD COUNTRY) and artist LISANDRO ESTHERREN serve up the tale of a DIFFERENT kind of family just trying to get by, deep in the heart of Texas.”

I am a huge fan of vampires. Of all the horror characters, and classic monsters, vampires have always been my favorite. I think that may have something to do with the Hugh Jackman Van Helsing movie. Once I saw that, I became fascinated with the bloodsuckers. I absolutely loved True Blood, I shamefully read Twilight, and Scott Snyder’s American Vampire is a comic I am constantly recommending to new readers. I used to play Magic; The Gathering almost daily, and I had a mono black vampire deck that almost ruined friendships. When I heard that there was a new vampire comic coming out from the same guy who did God Country, I knew I would instantly love the series. And I do.

Living in the south, this comic was almost instantly relatable for me. The characters we are introduced to might be vampires but they could easily be your next door neighbors or friends you run into while grabbing groceries. Our main vampire in the story is named Bartlett Bowman and he was born the same day in the same year as the state of Texas declared its independence, December 29th, 1845. Barlett was at The Alamo, he was in the civil war, and he was everywhere between then and now. His family has lived in the town of Sulphur Spring since before it was even a town, and Bartlett believes that he’ll still be around long after the town is razed from the earth. Sticking with the southern feel of the book, Bartlett has a family feud with another local family named The Landrys; Think Hatfields & McCoys, but Vampires & Mortals.

I think my personal favorite thing about this comic is how it’s only issue #1, and it’s already painfully bleak. The artwork by Dee Cunniffe is dark and full of dark tones, and the use of a lot of blacks and dark blues. Cunniffe does a great job bringing this east Texas town to life, and it feels like a real place that you would want to drive through as quick as possible. Along with the town, Cunniffe, and Estherren do a great job with the character appearances as well as the main fight scene. In the fight, we don’t see much, but we can tell that major shit is about to go down, and it felt similar to the build up of the border crossing scene in Sicario. Along those lines, it was fantastic to see what happens to the vampires in sunlight and, unlike Twilight, they aren’t sparkling.



If you love Vampires or just a good dirty, southern crime story, then this IS the book for you. Be sure to head to your LCS and grab this before it’s gone. I saw in a Facebook group that this is a hot book and going quick, so don’t sleep on this, you will regret it! Redneck is full of edge of your seat suspense that will leave you thirsty for more. It’s rare to find the first issue of a comic that grabbed my interest as much as Redneck.


Music Pairing:

Hunting Humans by The Misfits, because of obvious reasons. (Writers note: Misfits blow without Danzig. All hail Danzig!)

4LN Podcast, Episode 4: Do The Big 2 Just Not Cut It Anymore?

This week we discuss the differences in tone of story & content between The Big 2 and independent/creator-owned comics. Specifically, I share why, for the most part, I just can’t get emotionally invested in Marvel and DC comics anymore, and how that’s helped me fall more in love with lower-profile series’. How about you? Do the superhero stories of characters like Batman and Captain America just not do it for you? Let us know in the comments!

4LN Comic Review: Injection #1

Series: Injection
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Declan Shalvey
Color: Jordie Bellaire
Lettering/Design: Fonografiks


Summary from Comixology: Once upon a time, there were five crazy people, and they poisoned the 21st Century. Now they have to deal with the corrosion to try and save us all from a world becoming too weird to support human life. INJECTION is the new ongoing series created by the acclaimed creative team of Moon Knight. It is science fiction, tales of horror, strange crime fiction, techno-thriller, and ghost story all at the same time. A serialized sequence of graphic novels about how loud and strange the world is getting, about the wild future and the haunted past all crashing into the present day at once, and about five eccentric geniuses dealing with the paranormal and numinous as well as the growing weight of what they did to the planet with the Injection.

Well, this story was something. I LOVED the creative team’s run on Marvel Comic’s Moon Knight. It was truly something unique, and like I’ve never read. Moon Knight was 6 issues long and they were all stand alone, but somehow Ellis in his genius mind was able to tie together six stand alone issues. It completely blew my mind. I’ve read Ellis’s run on Iron Man (Extemis) and I loved Declan Shalvey’s art in Deadpool. This creative team is awesome together, they could easily become Image Comic’s version of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. It’s hard to judge a story by it’s first issue. We literally know nothing except what’s give to us on each new page. That’s why I say the story was “something.” I jokingly said in the 4LN Facebook Thread that this was “Typical Ellis nonsense and confusion.” I once heard that Warren Ellis is this generations Allen Moore, and I can completely see that. This story is about the world becoming too weird for humanity. So, Ellis is the perfect writer to be doing this project.

The Good:
Warren Fucking Ellis and Declan Fucking Shalvey. Go buy this book just because of that reason. These guys are an amazing creative team. As long as the two of them are working on the book, I’ll be reading it. I like weird, so I liked this book. Yes, I was confused, but that’s to be expected in a #1. This is an issue about team building and character development. As the story progresses, I can see this series becoming weirder and weirder, which will keep me coming back. Shalvey’s art is stunning and is one of the greatest thing about this book. Most of the creative team is from the UK, so it’s only natural that this book would be centered in England, and accents play a major role in the first issue (It’s explained very easily).



The Bad:
It’s weird. You could say this book is going to be weird for the sake of “art,” so that’s going to be a turn off to some readers. If you can get past the weirdness and the craziness that will come with this book, you should be in for one hell of a wild ride.

The Final Say:
This book is $2.99 and has Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. That is the perfect combo and I can’t stress that enough. With every book at marvel being $3.99 and $4.99, this is truly a steal. Image should be getting a ton of your money because so many of their books are great content and amazing prices. With all this being said, Injection get’s a solid 4 out of 5, it’s a fun start to what’s sure to be one memorable series.

Music Pairing:
This is a weird story, so you are going to want some weird music. I would recommend jamming All The Colors Of The Dark by post-rock band Grails. It’s a good combo and solid thinking music, which you’ll need to follow the story.

4LN Comic Review: Wytches #5

Series: Wytches
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Inker: Matt Hollingsworth
Summary from Comixology: “In the first half of the opening arc’s two-part finale, Charlie descends into the wytches’ burrow itself to save his daughter from an unspeakable death. But what horrors await him deep beneath the earth? And what secrets…?”

This is easily my favorite Image book coming out right now. It’s pretty funny that a horror book is my favorite, because I’m terrified of horror and normally avoid it at all costs. This is actually the one book I look forward to the most each month. From the very first issue, I have been completely sucked into the story and on the edge of my seat during each read. Scott Snyder really is the master of horror for 21st century comics. From American Vampire to the disturbing event in Batman: Endgame (and also Batman: The Black Mirror) and the sheer terror that is Wytches, Scott Snyder is truly cementing his name in the horror category.

If you read any of my reviews, you know how much of a Snyder fanboy I am. I literally buy anything this guy does, because I know it’s going to be top quality work. And that is exactly what Wytches issue #5 is. Not only is this a horror story, but it’s also a story of a loving father. One who will do ANYTHING for his daughter. Charlie Rook is practically going to “hell” in order to save he daughter. What parent wouldn’t do anything to protect their child? I don’t have children, but I can still relate to the characters. Every page consists of more and more horror, but the deeper the story goes, the more humanity we find inside the characters. Like every issue, Scott Snyder and Jock make the perfect team. But lately I’ve began to notice something, the majority of books that take my breath away with coloring are Matt Hollingswoth work, for example he’s worked on The Wake, Hawkeye, Black Science, Chononauts and Suiciders all feature coloring by him. Matt Hollingswoth’s coloring is truly on point as of late.


The only low I can think of is having to wait another month until Mar for the conclusion of the first story arc of Wytches. But, this isn’t all bad, because now if you aren’t reading this you have time to get get all 5 issues!

The Final Say:
If you like horror stories, then this is the perfect book for you! If you don’t, give it a chance, you’ll end up falling in love with this series just like I did. The series was recently picked up by Regency and Plan B to be turned into a movie, so you are going to want to read these before that! Once again, Wycthes gets a 5 out of 5 stars. It’s also the only ongoing series to be reviewed here at 4LN that each issue has gotten a 5 out of 5. That says something about Scott Snyder’s writing, Jock’s art, and Matt Hollingswoth’s coloring. This is truly a beautiful comic.

Music Pairing:
For this issue, you are going to want to go with a little more on the dark/depress side of music. For this I would go with the punk group, Alkaline Trio. They capture the sadness and loss of control fairly well. There sound is a good mixture of depressing lyrics but still (at times) upbeat tempos. Jam their early stuff during this read. Specifically Trouble Breathing of Goddamnit.


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4LN Comic Review: Chrononauts #1

Series: Chrononauts
Writer: Mark Miller
Artist: Sean Gordon Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth


Summary from Comixology: From MARK MILLAR (Kick-Ass) and SEAN GORDON MURPHY (Punk Rock Jesus) comes a bromance for the ages! Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are two buddies who love to have fun. They’re also scientific geniuses. When their research leads them to a time-traveling adventure, will they use their knowledge for the good of all mankind? Or use the space-time continuum for their own ends? This is the story of man’s first, televised steps through the time-stream and everything going wrong in the process.

I haven’t heard much about this series, and I was browsing Comixology looking for a review and this caught my eye. I’m not the biggest fan of Mark Miller, I don’t love him and I don’t hate him. But, I am a big fan of Sean Murphy and his work on Punk Rock Jesus & The Wake. It was pretty much his name on this book that sold it for me. If you like time travel and what not, this book is great for you. I’m not a fan of time travel so I have a bit of a bias with this subject.

Sean Gordon Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth are a great team and I love seeing them working together. The art is truly what sold this book for me. It was really the best thing about it. A few pages looked absolutely beautiful and breath taking. I also really enjoyed the dynamic between the two main guys, Corbin and Danny. They just seemed like a couple of bros who you could slam a beer or two with and then they would ditch you for a some girl they think is cute. What I’m getting at is they are science douchebags. And it really works. So that’s good, I guess?


When I messaged the 4LN wasteland of a Facebook Messenger thread, they asked how I liked Chrononauts, and my rely was simple; it was “Mediocre and predictable.” Lately Image #1’s have been on fire and a great read. This book however, just didn’t capture me like other books have. How many stories have we had about people traveling in time, getting lost in time, needing rescue and all of this resulting in some dire circumstances for those of us left on the normal Earth? I’m going to sound brutal, but it’s honestly how I feel about this book, there was nothing special or unique about this issue. I don’t plan on seeing what happens in issue #2, because I feel like I already know what’s going to happen.

The Final Say:
IF you like time travel and science fiction, give this book a try. It was a fun little read, and for $2.99 you really can’t go wrong with this. Overall, I have to personally give this book a 3 out of 5. That sounds harsh but I feel like that’s what it deserves. Sean and Matt saved the book for me, if they weren’t on the title, I don’t know of I would have finished the issue. Mark Miller’s writing just isn’t enough for me. I honestly feel that “mediocre and predictable” is the best way to describe this book. Let us know how you feel about this series in the comments below. Loved it, or hated it, let us know your thoughts!

Music Pairing:
I’m going to go with a post-rock instrumental band called Make Do Say Think for this book. Since it’s all about time travel and exploring, I recommend their song “The Universe” to help capture the emotion and feeling of getting lost in time.

4LN Comic Review – C.O.W.L. #8

Series: C.O.W.L.
Writer: Kyle Higgins & Alec Siegel
Art: Rod Reis
Publisher: Image

Summary from Image: “Thanks to Camden Stone, Geoffrey Warner has the villains he desperately needed. But at what cost? And how long can Geoffrey keep the lie going?”



If you are not familiar with C.O.W.L. yet, you should be.  C.O.W.L. focuses on a group of unionized superheroes in 1960’s Chicago.  With the last super-villain out of commision, the mayor is playing hardball with the head of C.O.W.L. trying to reduce, or completely rescind, funding.  Over the last several issues the members of C.O.W.L. have been on strike in order to show the mayor that the city of Chicago relies on their organization to keep the city safe. Some of the members are still trying to do what’s right, but they are few and far in between (and some of them end up murdered).  The series is full of action, political intrigue, double-crosses, great characters, and is just a well thought out concept.


C.O.W.L. is just one of those books that completely draws me in every issue.  The storytelling is always top notch, and this issue is no different.  The pacing is absolutely excellent in this issue.  A story like this is not strictly an action comic, and necessitates more dialogue and set up than other stories might.  There are several slower scenes in this issue, but they are offset by having action sequences featuring a a crime spree carried out by a new set of super-powered goons.  This sequence is only made better by the fantastic art.  Rod Reis is absolutely fantastic, and his artwork is so unique.  His style is very noir-esque and fits the tone of the book to a T.

I love this series.


C.O.W.L. might not be for everyone.  It is not action-oriented like a lot of the books out there, which could keep some people from hanging on.  That being said, you really should try this book out.

The Final Say-

There aren’t many books that come out each month that I enjoy more than C.O.W.L.  The story gets more intriguing with every issue, and this one is no exception.  5 out of 5.  If you aren’t caught up, good news!  The first arc of C.O.W.L. is now available in trade paperback form!  Check this series out if you haven’t, it’s worth it.

Saturday Morning Review: They’re Not Like Us #1

Series: They’re Not Like Us
Writer: Eric Stephenson
Artist: Simon Gane
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire


Summary from Comixology: “Generation after generation, it’s the same old S.O.S.:

There’s no hope for the future, because young people think only of themselves.
They have no respect for authority. They think they know everything. They are arrogant. They are reckless. They want to tear the world apart.
In a time full of possibilities, yet rife with disappointment, the youth are changing.
They look the same, but they act different, think different, and have abilities we can only dream of.

They’re not like us.”


This book really got my attention a while back. I remember seeing things for it on both and also from some writers I follow on twitter, letting me know that this was a book that I needed to pick this up because it was going to be a “hit,” and that it was going to be one of the best Image books of 2014. And I’ll be honest, they weren’t lying. It has a very strong X-Men feel to it, and that helped sell the book to me (I’m a lifelong X-Men fan). I also really enjoyed the fact that it has a punk rock vibe to the book; now, what I mean by that is on first page there was a crust punk kid in the foreground, and towards the end of the book our main character, Syd, picks up some anaracho-punk band looking record.

I personally really loved the storytelling that Eric Stephenson used in this issue. The issue consisted of a lot of groundwork and plot building, so we didn’t see much action of use of superpowers, but I really enjoyed the set up for this series. I am extremely interested in this story since it’s a much darker and twisted take on a series that is so near and dear to me. I was a little put off by the art in the start of the book, but as I read more into the book, I really began to enjoy the art, and I look forward to seeing how some of the other characters “abilities” are depicted in later issues.

As I mentioned earlier, the art took a while for me to get used to, but it really became more enjoyable as the story progressed. I’m not saying the art is bad, but rather it takes a little bit longer get used to then I was expecting. Besides that, I couldn’t find anything else wrong with this book.


The Final Say:
If you are a fan of any of the X-Men books, or if you are looking for a new comic to check out, I would really recommend “They’re Not Like Us” for you to check out. This was a really solid first issue and I really look forward to seeing where this book goes and the adventures that are sure to follow in a series as interesting as this. I give this issue a solid 4 out of 5 and can’t stress enough that you really need to check this book out. And remember, They’re Nor Like us…

4LN Saturday Morning Review: Wytches #3

Series: Wytches
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth


Summary from Comixology:  “A parent’s worst nightmare: a beloved child lost in the woods. Behind the trees lurk horrors, and the brush conceals atrocity. No matter how desperate the search, understand that your prayers will fall on deaf ears. There is no escape from the Wytches.”

As I have mentioned before, Wytches was my favorite Image book of 2014. From it’s first issue released in October, I haven’t been able to stop being excited for this book each month. I really think Snyder and Jock are two of the best in the industry, and them working together, brings nightmares to life. And to make things even better, Hollingsworth’s art makes the images jump off the page, and his use of watercolors really make for a truly unique visual presentation.

Scott Snyder is a master of horror for modern day comic books. We are only three issues in and each issue makes my skin crawl more and more. This issue was no exception to that statement. On more than one occasion in this issue I jumped and said “oh shit!” and, my washing machine made a weird noise in an intense moment of the comic and I about jumped out of my skin. I really enjoyed the intimacy between the Rooks family during a hide and seek game at a playground, and we get to see how nervous and worried she was as a child. The book also goes into more detail about what happened with the crazy woman that snuck into Charlie’s room and explained more about the pledging.

The only bad that I could think of for this issue is having to wait another month to read issue #4. The wait is always the worst part, because each issue has ended with such a cliffhanger. Besides that, there really is nothing wrong with this book.

The Final Say:
If you like horror, this is the comic for you! It’s a fairly fast paced book, and the art and storytelling are truly top notch. Wytches is truly heading into the history of comic books with it’s immense horror factor, and beautiful watercolor like art. It’s great having Jock and Snyder on a book again, and this is WAY more brutal then Batman: The Black Mirror (The book they previously worked on), and for that this gets a 5 out of 5, I can’t stress it enough, you need to be reading this book!


Saturday Morning Review: Wytches #2

Series: Wytches
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Inker: Matt Hollingsworth

Summary from Comixology: “A busload of children disappears in the woods. A strange bite grows on a girl’s neck. And the wytches are getting closer, creeping from the woods. Be there for the terrifying second chapter of the new smash hit, WYTCHES.”

Issue one of Wytches, which came out last month, was met with unbelievable love and not a single bad thing was said about the issue. This though, led many people to have speculation that the second issue wouldn’t be able to live up to the hype. Let me tell you, this issue was absolutely amazing. It was so much more creepy then issue one, and that is saying a lot.

Scott Snyder and Jock make a wonderful team, and it’s great seeing them work together. Batman: The Black Mirror was a delightfully terrifying story. When it comes to horror comics, Jock and Snyder are THE horror team. I am really enjoying the character development in this series so far. We know Sailor is a little off from the attack in the woods, and her father doesn’t really understand what in the hell is going on. But can you blame him? It was said that Sailor’s mother was in an accident involving a deer which left her in a wheelchair, and in this issue we find out the truth. Believe me when I say, it’s bone chilling. While reading this issue, I have never been so creeped out by thee simple sounds “Chit Chit Chit.” Also, this issue has one of the scariest covers I have ever seen. Just looking at it gives me terrible chills.


There was a scene in the comic where Sailor is running away from a situation and she steels a school bus, well the problem with this scene is it’s confusing trying to figure out who just saw her drive by. It was really difficult, for me at least, to tell if the character was Reg or Charlie. But, besides that I really had no other complaints with the book. It was a great pace and it kept you on the edge of your seat while reading it.

The Final Say:
As I was walking from my car to the house Wednesday night, I was terrified. The leaves were crushing under my feet and the sky was clear, I was worried I had been pledged and was being watched by eyes and gaping mouths whispering “Gotttt…..You….” If you are a fan of horror, you need to get your hands on this series and embrace the nightmares that will surely come to you. This read was a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Head to your LCS and pick this issue up! Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: The Tough Decision To Leave A Comic Shop

Once you start collecting comics for a while, you’ll find one shop that you really click well with. And, if you are lucky you’ll even begin to form a  friendship with the store owner(s), staff and regular comic readers that frequent that store from time to time. I was eventually lucky enough to find an amazing store that treated me great. I had initially heard hundreds of horror stories about how some comic shop owners would just be absolute dicks to their new and sometimes even returning costumers and unfortunately found one of these stores when I first began collecting 5 years ago. Let me tell you, it was a great escape to get away from them. The staff didn’t give two shits about you and they really didn’t even care about their jobs. I remember asking once where some back issues of Uncanny X-Men were and the guy at the counter just pointed to the boxes and boxes and boxes of comics and said “In there.” I grew to realize that this wasn’t the shop for me. I feel like it will be fair to mention that this store doesn’t just focus on comic books, but rather Vinyl, CD’s, posters, video games and other collectibles, so this is why they couldn’t be bothered to help me.


Representation of the staff at said comic store

After looking around some more, and doing research on local stores, I found the one that was perfect for me. It wasn’t a hole in the wall shop, it was of pretty decent size, and it had everything I could want in a store. Shelves of new comic books, what seemed like thousands of graphic novels and even Magic: The Gathering cards other forms of table top games. It was not uncommon for me to come into the store and see the owner playing cards with a customer, or teaching someone how to play for the first time. I think it took a month of me coming to this store weekly, before I set up a pull box. After setting up a pull box, it only took another month for the staff to learn my name, and not soon after that I was allowed to go behind the counter and grab my own books out of the pull. Occasionally, I would find a book in my pull that I hadn’t asked for, but this would be in there because the staff thought this might be a book I would be interested in. It was the little things like that, that really made me love this store. I was at this store for a good 4 years, and the experience was great.


Not long after we started Four Letter Nerd, Stephen found a little comic shop that he REALLY loved, and wouldn’t stop raving about. He was a pullbox holder at the first shop I mentioned, and he immediately dropped his pull there and started one at this new place.  I ventured over to this shop and I really enjoyed it as well, but I was in an awkward situation. I have been with one comic shop for 4 years and we really knew each other, and then all of a sudden there is a new shop in the picture. One that is unknown, it can be a new experience, its almost exotic. I say all of this because a comic shop is a lot like a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially if you have been patronizing one for a while. Deep down, I knew things were going to potentially become awkward. I decided I wanted the best of both worlds, so I made the decisions to get my DC books at “the old store” and then my Marvel and Image books at “the new store.” This meant I had to drop a few books at the old store, and saying I was dropping a good hunk of my books was no easy task.

When I went to the new shop to start a pull, I was treated like I was a long time friend, even though I had only known the guys at this store for a little more then a week or so. I started my pull with just a few books; Thor: God of Thunder, All New X-Men, Guardians of The Galaxy, and The Amazing Spider-Man. This shop had a 5 book minimum, but they let me just have a couple books because they knew that I frequented another shop. It wasn’t much longer until I formed a solid friendship with one of the store owners and exchanged numbers (Man, this does look like a cheating on a relationship now) and soon I found myself texting the owner about any and all books that I was interested in. Now, he would never say this, but I’m pretty sure he regrets giving me his number. I can be a pretty clingy person. Now, as time passed, this store began to work more and more with our website, until finally we decided to host a trivia night at a local pizza joint the night that Captain America: Winter Solider opened, and they gave us a SHIT TON of prizes to give away including variant cover comics, graphic novels, posters and a few other nick-nacks. This might have been the deciding factor, well this and having to make two separate trips to comic book shops. This took a toll on time and resources trying to balance the two shops.


Now came the hardest part. I realized with the friendship I was forming with the staff that I was going to have to make a tough decision. I could either keep going to two shops and getting books on Wednesdays and Fridays or I had to sever ties with one of the stores. This was a serious hard decision, somewhere in the depths of the 4LN group thread I proposed the question and everyone said I should move my pull to the new shop. Now, this may have been biased because one guy works at the shop and another has a pull there. But nonetheless, I knew what I had to do. I had to break it off with the old store. And this terrified me. I had gone to this store every Wednesday for the last 4 years, and I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 and a half years. Let that sink in for a minute. I’VE BEEN WITH A COMIC SHOP LONGER THAN I’VE BEEN WITH MY GIRLFRIEND. After tossing the idea around for a month or so, I knew it was time to cancel my pull with the old shop. Now, I was prepared to stick with it for as long as the shop required. The owner of the new shop told me to stick with it for at least 90 days because that’s how far in advance stores typically put their orders in for book. As I drove to the shop, I called my best friend Eric to fill him in on the situations, now he’s not much of a comic fan but he would be a listening ear as I vented about the approaching “breakup.” The minute I filled him in on it, he couldn’t stop laughing about why I had called. But I needed to talk this though with someone. I had to have someone reassure me that it was “them and not me.”

I walked into the store and a bunch of the regulars & friends of mine were sitting around a table discussing this weeks new comics. I walked up to the owner, I knew he would be there on New Comics Wednesday, and told him I would have to be canceling my pull. I was bracing myself for the worse of the worse situations, I had heard horror stories about people canceling their boxes and the workers being dicks about this. I luckily did not have this experience, the owner of the store shook my hand, thanked me for 4 great years, reassured me that I was always welcomed, and when I bought my last pull of books the owner still gave me my 20% off.  That was a surprise that I am still grateful for. I drove over to the new store and added at least 10 books to my pull and I couldn’t be happier. I miss the old store at times, and I still haven’t been back because it feels to soon. But, I know when I return that I’ll be welcomed back with open arms. The owner of the new store even sold me some old comics I have been searching for out of his private collection for a killer deal. Yes, this was one of the hardest comic book dilemmas I have been involved in, both parties handled it so well and made the transition so much easier for me. And for that, I want to personally thank Comix City Too! for 4 great years of collection, and Comic Collector Live for many more years of collecting.