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LEGO Pley: LEGOs Without the Long-Term Commitment

Do you love LEGO, but have a hard time justifying spending half of your paycheck on those beautiful interlocking bricks? Welcome to adulthood.  Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer might be four feet of pure awesome, but $400 is a lot of money and it’s hard to devote the square footage necessary to hold that kind of hardware.

The disappointed look on your significant others face would destroy planets

Try explaining this awesome center-piece to your significant other/parents

There was a time before “responsibility” kept me from playing with LEGO.  In college my then-girlfriend/now-wife and I built the Batcave, an X-Wing (an Incom T-65 starfighter for you Star Wars aficionados), and several other LEGO sets over our four year college career.  In the years since, our LEGO building has decreased by roughly 100%.  LEGO Pley just might be the solution to the problem of growing older. LEGO Pley is like Netflix if Netflix delivered LEGO sets instead of movies you wanted to watch three days ago (I still love you Netflix).  Pley offers hundreds of sets ranging from the kid-friendly Duplo sets to the aforementioned 3,100 piece Super Star Destroyer!  To begin your journey into the LEGO world, you simply sign up for a Pley account (you can try a free trial first to get your feet wet), then set up your queue.  There are three different plans based on whether you want to rent small ($15/month), medium ($25/month) or large sets ($39/month). Once you’ve chosen your particular plan you just build, enjoy, return, build, enjoy, return, etc. 308830v2 “That sounds great, but I hate the thought of playing with bricks tainted by the germ havens that are children.” Well good news, they clean each set upon its return to the facility.  In fact, they clean them to the same standards used by the FDA for restaurants, meaning you could actually eat off them… you know, if that weren’t a choking hazard.  Let’s just make a rule – don’t step on LEGOs, and don’t eat off of LEGOs. “My dog ate a few pieces… do I have to follow it around with a stick?” First, you might want to take the dog to the vet.  Second, that’s fine.  The company realizes that pieces get lost, and they won’t hold it against you (as long as you keep your incompetence to like 15 pieces, which is a surprisingly high number).  Just report the lost pieces, and everything is good to go. This type of automation is becoming more and more prevalent. Need razors for your neckbeard? Dollar Shave Club has you covered. Want unique nerd merch (nerchandise)? Loot Crate is where it’s at. It only makes sense that someone would take a childhood staple like LEGO and make it more accessible to those of us that don’t have the disposable income to buy those giant sets. Head on over to Pley, and sign up for the free trial and let us know what you think!  I look forward to when my kids are old enough to play with LEGOs so I can give it a whirl myself.

Loot Crate: Is It Worth It?

You’ve probably seen the ads as your scrolling through you Facebook newsfeed trying to avoid rants by racist, elderly family members and poorly written, mellow-dramatic posts by girls you went to high school with. You may have even clicked on the link to see what it’s all about. LootCrate. So what is it exactly? Well, basically it’s a company that puts together these care package-like boxes of cool stuff that appeals to all types of nerdy/geeky people and ships them out monthly. Here’s who LootCrate is in their own words:

Loot Crate is the monthly gear and swag club for those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle. Loot Crate is a product discovery box, connecting our subscribers, known as Looters, with the best new and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies for the geek and gaming market. Each month, Loot Crate handpicks 6-8 new items to include in the box, which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered!

I was curious if it was worth the, roughly, $14 ($13.37 to be exact) + $6 for shipping to get whatever stuff they were offering. So, I took the leap. I bought one box. I figured, if it’s awesome then good for me, if it sucks, good for you cause I can warn you to not waste your money.

My Crate arrived on Saturday the 19th, a few days before I was expecting it. This was a good sign. They know to under-promise and over-deliver. I actually made a video of me and my kids unboxing our first LootCrate, but there were issues with uploading it so… here’s a picture of the Loot Crate box!


The July theme for the Loot Crate swag was Villains, so the inside of the boxes were “vandalized” by the Joker.


With the help of my lovely and administrative wife, I researched each item I received to see what it was worth. I wanted to show you the things I received exactly how they arrived so you will not find any stock photos below. These pictures show the actual items I received. Below you’ll find the fruits of our laborious research and estimated pricing for each Loot Crate item.


King Koopa Refrigerator Magnet 


My kids were really excited about this. They play Mario a lot so King Koopa (or Bowser, if you prefer) is pretty popular in our household.

I was actually unable to find this particular item anywhere on the internet. I wasn’t even able to find any other King Koopa magnets at all. I’m estimating it’s value at around $2.


Darth Vader Key Chain


I work part-time at a comic shop (Comic Collector Live: The Store, the best comic shop ever!). I immediately put my shop key on this key chain.

$5.98 at Star Wars Darth Vader PVC Keychain


Joker – Bats Mini Poster (8×12.4)


How cool is that?! Seriously! That is just a really intense looking depiction of Joker. This is going up in my comics closet.

The mini version doesn’t appear to be on sale anywhere online, but I did find a larger copy at ABPosters for $7.50. I estimate this smaller one a value of $3.


Harley Quinn – 


I love Harley. This poster is so going up in my comic book closet with the the Joker one.

Just like the Joker poster above, there were no mini versions of this poster that I could locate but I did find a larger one on sale at eBay for $7. I estimate this mini poster at $3.


Deadpool Socks


These didn’t fit me all that well so I gave to them to my 7-year-old. He loved them so much that he slept in them. Thank you Loot Crate.

I wasn’t able to find this specific pair of socks anywhere online, but I did locate a pair of Deadpool socks on for $7.60.


DVD Documentary – “Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics”


This documentary is really good and I highly recommend you track down a copy.

$9.99 at


Rocket Raccoon #1, Loot Crate Exclusive Variant Cover


I was SUPER pumped about this. They had announced that it would be a part of the crate prior to it’s arriving and I was really excited because I loved Rocket Raccoon #1 and collected all the other variants. Now I have the whole collection!

This item is a tad more difficult to assess a value to. On eBay, there are over 60 of them listed for sale and starting price rages from as low as $1 all the way up to $70. In the big picture, 60 copies of a book out there is not a whole lot, but it’s still too early to tell if a high demand for this variant is there or not. The first one sold went for $15, and that typically sets the precedent, so that’s what we’re gonna go with for the sake of this article.


“JOKI” T-Shirt


This is my new favorite shirt, AND it actually looks really good on me. The fit is excellent. “Loot Crate: Just because you’re a nerd doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable”.

Like many other items, this was not something I could find anywhere else online. Like the Rocket Raccoon variant comic though, there are some for sale on Ebay. Prices range from $2.99 to $22. We’ll go with an average value of about $10 here as well.


So with all that tallied up, we come to a grand total of $46.57. They do say there’s “$40+ Retail Value in every crate” and, by my calculations, that is absolutely accurate.

So to answer my initial question… Is Loot Crate worth it? I’m confident giving a firm and resounding, “YES”. Will I get another one? I think that I will. It’s definitely worth it. You get more than you pay for and it’s all pretty cool stuff. If you have a special nerd/geek in your life, and you’re not sure what to get them for their birthday or a gift-exchanging-holiday, I would recommend getting them a Loot Crate. Part of the appeal is the mystery of not knowing what you’ll get, and the excitement you’ll be giving them is worth more than the $20 you’ll spend.

(Just to clarify, I have NO AFFILIATION with Loot Crate. I bought the Crate with my own money and they did not compensate me in any way for providing a positive review of their product.)

If you’re interested in getting a Loot Crate (you won’t be disappointed, trust me), or if you just want to know more about it, you can go to their website,