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Top 5 Celebrities in Video Games


It’s no surprise that video games attract the attention of all people and that includes celebrities. Celebrities have actually been in games for years including the Call of Duty franchise and even the GTA series. Some actors have even lent their bodies and faces to a game while other just voice act for them. I am going to show you the top 5 celebrities that have spent their time contributing to video games.

#5: Kiefer Sutherland (Known for the hit TV show “24”)

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Kiefer actually voice acted in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” and actually won BTVA’s Video Game Voice Acting Award for Best Lead Vocal Vocal performance in a video game. Sutherland also voice acted in “Call of Duty: World at War” as Sergeant Roebuck.


#4: Liam Neeson (Taken, Batman Begins, and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)

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Neeson plays Father in “Fallout 3.” Now I don’t know about you guys but it was pretty cool to be the son of Liam Neeson (well his voice) in this game. Although his time was short in the game the fact that you could have dialogue and interaction with Neeson as your dad could not be any cooler.


#3: Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin on “Gotham“)

Image result for robin lord taylor dishonored 2

Image result for robin lord taylor dishonored 2

Taylor voice acted for The Outsider in Dishonored 2. This was his first video game appearance but hopefully not the last. He plays the Outsider in this video game and does a fantastic job being creepy and mysterious as you play through the game. Hopefully this isn’t the last Dishonored game we get because I personally want more especially if Robin Lord Taylor is involved.


#2: Kevin Spacey (Superman Returns, Horrible Bosses, and House of Cards)

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Kevin played and voice acted for “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.” He plays his usual business tycoon self for this video game and it looked like he had a lot of fun doing it. He plays the main villain in this game and his role in the game is down-right amazing. If you haven’t seen his performance for this series you really need to check it out.


#1: Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies and as the voice actor for the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series)

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Mark comes in as number 1 because of his voice acting in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Replaying his role as Joker in the Batman animated series, Mark kills it in this video game. He IS the voice of the Joker in my opinion, and hearing him and trying to take him down in this Batman game is ridiculously fun.


(Editor’s Note: This review was written by guest contributor, Tyler Haines. Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel!)

GOTHAM Cast Update

UPDATE of the UPDATE:  It’s been a great day for us Batman fans.  Earlier today Rocksteady announced Batman: Arkham Knight, and the final pieces of the actor puzzle are falling into place for upcoming Gotham.  Young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have been cast.  David Mazouz (Jack Bauer’s son in Touch) is going to play Bruce Wayne who is described as “serious and soulful,” and is trying to cope with the death of his parents.


Camren Bicondova will play a young pre-Catwoman, but presumably still Catloving, Selina Kyle.  This version of Kyle is a teenage orphan who is a street thief and a skilled pickpocket.

UPDATE:  It seems that another actress has joined the ever-growing cast of Gotham.  Jada Pinkett Smith is set to star as the gangster, Fish Mooney.  According to the show, Ms. Mooney is “a sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner, she’s got the street smarts and almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book. Imposing and hotheaded, she’s not one to be crossed.”


Gotham has also added Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy, and also recently appeared in History’s Vikings, which is amazing) as Det. Harvey Bullock.  If you grew up watching Batman: the Animated Series, you know Bullock as the hot-headed, Batman-hating, wise-cracking, detective with a dash of moral ambiguity.  Obviously Logue doesn’t necessarily embody the Animated Series take, and during a recent interview with Nerd Repository he addressed that issue:

It’s dangerous, because my kids watched the animated series and I remember listening to it over the speaker on road trips up to Oregon, I would hear it. It’s that tricky thing where I’m not that guy; I don’t look visually like the guy even in the cartoon. Then there’s that weird thing where I don’t want to take someone’s choice from the cartoon and match it. I want to create a character, no different from Lee Toric in Sons of Anarchy or King Horik [from History’s Vikings] or Hank Dolworth in Terriers. They’re all uniquely different scenarios and I don’t want to feel forced to do an impersonation of something else, which is a difficult thing to keep up over the course of a longer series. So we’ll have those talks.

During the same interview, Logue revealed some insight into the shows setting as well:

What I do love about Gotham, that I can say so far, is that it creates this incredible world that, for me, you can step into things that almost feel like the roaring 20s, and then there’s this other really kind of heavy Blade Runner vibe floating around. It has this anachronistic element to it where it feels like it’s either New York in the 70s, or it kind of exists independently of time and space in a way, and you can dip into all of these different genres. So I’m excited by it.

… But there were a couple of examples of modern technology, but maybe an antiquated version of it, that gave me a little bit of sense that it’s certainly not the 50s and the 60s. No one’s making a joke about how “there’s no way you can press a telephone button and have a piece of paper show up in another machine.” There is an acceptance of a certain technological reality. But its not high tech and it’s not futuristic, by any means.

Donal Logue

End Update.

The cast for the upcoming show is expanding and it is looking really solid.  The other day it was announced that Ben McKenzie (Southland) would be taking on the role of Det. James Gordon.  McKenzie looks to be a terrific choice as he already plays officer Ben Sherman for five seasons of the hit show Southland, and has even voiced Batman for the well-received animated version of Batman: Year One.  The show Gotham will focus on Gordon’s early career as a police detective pre-Batman, so it was important to land a competent lead here.

Move along, Gotham citizen.

Move along, Gotham citizen.

But WAIT, that’s not all!

Four more cast members have been announced and they also appear to be spot on.  Alfred Pennyworth will be played by Sean Pertwee, who portrayed Father in the amazing movie Equilibrium, and was most recently seen as Lestrade on the show Sherlockian show, Elementary.  I think he will portray a younger Alfred superbly (he gets extra credit if he pulls off the pencil-thin mustache as seen in Batman: the Animated Series).

Robin Lord Taylor will play an up-an-coming Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin) who won’t yet be among Gotham’s criminal elite.  I don’t know a lot about Mr. Taylor, but he does have a rather Hawk-like profile, which will serve him well as Cobblepot.

Zabryna Guevara (Burn Notive) will play Gordon’s supervisor, Captain Essen.  Essen (who made her first appearance in Batman: Year One) is described as being able to balance, “the two worlds of police and politics with a Machiavellian skill that’s as much corporate litigator as cop.”  Also, Erin Richards (Being Human) will play Barbara Kean, Gordon’s fiancé and eventual ex-wife.  Kean is described as “A sophisticated emergency room doctor, Barbara is the fiancée of James Gordon, joyful but with an edge of vulnerability. She stands by her future husband…which can be difficult in a world as corrupt as Gotham.”

Fiance, Butler, Captain, Villain

Fiance, Butler, Captain, Villain

All in all this show is coming together beautifully.  I am really excited to see a pre-Batman Gotham, and the cast is rounding out nicely.  What do you all think of the casting choices?