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4LN’s Favorite TV Shows of 2015

2015 was a big year for TV. From the return of Kevin Spacey as everyone’s favorite cunning and crooked politician, President Frank Underwood, in House of Cards, to the debut of what appears to be everyone’s new favorite tattooed darling, Jane Doe (played by the beautiful and infinitely talented Jaimie Alexander) from NBC’s new #1 hit show Blindspot. There was the widely discussed (and argued about) new season of Game of Thrones, as well as the end of brilliant dramas Mad Men and Parenthood. Read on to see what shows were at the top of our “Must Watch” lists this year!


Jeff Merrick

Game of Thrones
It was an Emmy award winning year for my favorite show, and with good reason. Not everyone agrees with my belief that Season 5 was better than the previous season, but I much preferred each story arc moving at a consistent pace instead of the Season 4 structure that relied on big moments to keep us interested while characters spent the rest of the time doing nothing.

This season also produced “Hardhomme” (episode 8), one of the best episodes the show has ever done, and another jaw dropping moment at its conclusion, the kind viewers of Game of Thrones have come to expect.

Better Call Saul
If you were a fan of “Breaking Bad,” then you must start following this prequel series (assuming you haven’t already) that aired its first season in 2015 about the lawyer who laundered all that money for Walt and Jessie.

The style that made “Breaking Bad” one of the greatest (if not the greatest) shows of all time is maintained throughout the ten episode season. Of course, Bob Odenkirk owns the role of Saul (or Jimmy McGill as he’s called at this point in his life). But the highlight of the season is Jonathan Bank’s portrayal of Mike Ehrmantraut, the enforcer for Gus Fring and Walter White on “Breaking Bad.” The episode presenting Mike’s backstory during “Better Call Saul’s” first season was one of the best hours of television in 2015.

Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike (Jonathan Banks) were one of the top duos on television in 2015.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Tina Fey’s Netflix original about a woman adjusting to modern life after spending the last fifteen years living underground was the best comedy of 2015. The comedic commentary on modern trends, a staple of Fey’s productions, raises its game to a higher level than even “30 Rock” was able to do. Ellie Kemper (who’s previously known for playing Erin Hannon on the Office) gives her breakthrough performance as a lead actress with her portrayal of Kimmy. And Kemper’s chemistry with her costars (Tituss Burgess, Carol Kane, Jane Krakowski) paints a surprisingly accurate picture of how a person overcoming her situation would handle it while keeping us laughing all the way through the journey.


Bill Clark

I’m a DC guy. The comics AND the shoes. I like to buy mine from Shoe Carnival because they have such good deals! I buy my comics from Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million though. They also have such good deals! Anyway, I was really excited when Supergirl came out cause there’s never been a TV show that focused only on a female super hero and I felt it was about dang time! Melissa Benoist plays Kara/Supergirl and she’s just fantastic! My only complaint, and it’s really a small one, is that she’s almost TOO pretty. I really wish there wasn’t such an emphasis on looks and status cause I feel it takes away from the characters personalities. Like, why can’t Supergirl have like a big birthmark on her face, and a limp or something. Maybe she’s even in a Hoveround and does her superheroing in between renting movies from the library and selling little dolls she makes out of cardboard toilet paper rolls and yarn at the Farmer’s Market. I’m just saying, I’d watch the hell outta that show.




I’m sad because this one recently got canceled and I really loved it. I’m not married so I didn’t really relate to most of it, but it was still really funny. Also, it had Judy Greer and she really grinds my gears. I used that correctly right? I’m trying to say I think she’s really pretty and when I look at her I get a funny feeling in my body. I’m sorry. I’m really getting off-track. I’ll try to get back on. Ok… so it’s about this married couple and Judy Greer is the wife and this one episode she was in some lingerie and I was really happy about that. Darnit! I did it again. I promise I’m not objectifying her or anything. I just really appreciate her and respect her as a sexy…  I mean TALENTED actress. Ah! Good grief. Just… If you like funny shows then you should watch this one. I have to go Google some stuff.


I’ve never been to Fargo, North Dakota and after watching this show I’m not sure I want to. People keep getting murdered up there! I certainly don’t want to get murdered so I think I’ll just stick to watching this exciting crime show. It’s a little confusing because none of the actors from the first season (Billy Bob Thornton, Bilbo Baggins, and Tom Hanks’ son) are back this season and I’m a little lost but I sure as heck still love it! This time around it’s got Kristen Dundst, Todd from Breaking Bad, and one of the guys from Cheers. I’ve never seen Cheers but I asked Stephen Andrew about it and he just threw an empty whisky bottle at me and muttered something about the boxer Joe Frasier, so I assume it’s about drinking and boxing. Also, someone told me that this show was based on a movie from a while back but I went to a couple Redbox kiosks and didn’t see it so I think they were messing with me.


Stephen Andrew

I watch all the comic book shows. I mean, this site is called “Four Letter Nerd” so you’d pretty much expect that right? I even pretty much really enjoy all of them. The Flash started very strong and has been extremely consistent throughout. Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. both had rocky moments but I think they’ve both found their way with very precise direction. Oh, and if you haven’t picked up iZombie, you are sincerely missing out on some fantastic television. Then along comes good ol’ Netflix and their partnership with Marvel.  First up: Daredevil. A character that by all logic shouldn’t work in this medium of entertainment. But I’ll be damned if this show didn’t absolutely redeem Matty Murdock and his superpower of being blind some of the time. In fact, that’s one of the things that makes the show such a success. They never tried to pull the whole “he’s got sonar vision” crap. I’m looking at you, Daredevil movie from 2003. Another thing that makes it stand out is how relentlessly brutal it is. Like, in one scene,  Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) liquefies a dude’s head with a car door. A F**KING CAR DOOR. The action and the fight scenes are top notch, with some brilliant martial arts choreography. Plus, it really set the bar for what comic book shows, specifically super hero shows, have the potential to be. Gritty and dark. Daredevil doesn’t pull punches, and that’s exactly what we needed. Speaking of not pulling punches…

Jessica Jones
It wasn’t really long we had to wait for the second installment of the Netflix/Marvel shows (which will continue with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, before bringing all 4 heroes together in a Defenders mini-series). When I first heard that they were doing a Jessica Jones show, I thought, “Surely there are better known, and more well-deserving female characters that they could include here.” Well I happily ate those words after only about 5 minutes into the show. Because season 1 of Jessica Jones is best season of a comic book/super hero show that I have ever watched. The story is intense, it paces perfectly, and the acting performances are fantastic. For me, there’s no better villain than David Tenant’s Kilgrave, The Purple Man. He was just so despicably and deplorably captivating. There are moments where they give you backstory that almost, not quite but almost, make you feel sorry for him, and then it’s right back into “oh no this guy is a walking bag of rabid ferrets”. The star of the show, Krysten Ritter, is flawless. She perfectly captures the cold, hardened attitude of Jessica while also showing us those vulnerabilities that she doesn’t even want to have, let alone allow people see. If you haven’t watched it yet then you need to go right now and start. Netflix killed it with this one. Speaking of Netflix and killing…


Making a Murderer
That may seem like a cheesy transition to you guys but I’ve had a couple shots of whiskey and so it’s probably the peak of my creativity at this point. (If you skipped my other entries and are just reading this one, then you missed a whole thing and you’re gonna need to go back and get caught up. We’ll wait…) Anyway, back to the business at hand.

THIS SHOW IS THE MOST COMPELLING THING I’VE WATCHED IN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG. Sorry. The caps lock was stuck. But that doesn’t make the urgency of the above sentence any less crucial. Making a Murder is a 10 part documentary series that I binged watched in an entire day. Dead serious. I was that enthralled. I don’t want to give away too much, so I’ll just post the Wikipedia summary.

Making a Murderer is an American web television series which first streamed on Netflix on December 18, 2015. The first season recounts the story of Steven Avery, a man who was imprisoned for sexual assault and attempted murder, and who was later exonerated, only to be subsequently accused of the murder of Teresa Halbach. The series was filmed over the course of ten years, with the creators moving back and forth from New York to Wisconsin during filming

I’ve never had a TV show, or a documentary for that matter, have me so compelled and infuriated at the same time. It really coveys what type of corruption and injustice can fester when small town law enforcement and judicial systems function without appropriate accountability.

If you don’t have Netfilx but you’re interested, you can watch the first episode on YouTube. I urge you to at least give it a chance to grab your attention. If you get sucked in you’ll be on one crazy, real-life roller coaster.

Supergirl, The Show, First Look!

Coming this fall, to CBS, Supergirl staring Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, and Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olson. The show is being produced by Warner Brothers and also Berlanti Productions who have worked on such series as Arrow and Flash, and on the upcoming blockbuster Pan, set for release this October.

Supergirl will be airing Monday nights this fall, facing off with Fox’s hit series, Gotham. Check out the six minute trailer, and let us know what you think about the First Look in the comments below.

Breaking News: DC Announces “DC Super Hero Girls:” Toys, Comics, Merchandise Marketed To Young Girls

We have seen a lot of internet outrage lately about Marvel leaving out female characters in their line of toys and other merchandise. In Marvel’s defense, my fellow 4LNer Stephen Andrew pointed out the fact that the companies have little involvement when it comes to what products the toy and apparel companies create when they purchase the licensing rights, and that Marvel didn’t have total control over the fact that Black Widow and Scarlet Witch got left out of a lot of the Avengers: AoU film merchandise.

Anyway, it looks like DC Comics saw the concern & demand and they are picking up the slack, and running with it. Announced yesterday, DC Comics, Warner Brothers and Warner Brothers Entertainment will be publishing a new line of stories catering to a new audience, girls between the ages of 6-12.

The characters being introduced in DC Superhero Girls will be Wonder Woman, Supergirl (one of my favorite superheroes), Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy, Katana and many more characters. Each character will have a story line about teen life AND being a superhero. The series will launch in fall of 2015 and from their press release “original digital content and digital publishing—providing opportunities for girls to interact with characters, learn about the story lines, and engage in customizable play. TV specials, made-for-videos, toys, apparel, books and other product categories will begin to rollout in 2016.”


How excited are you to see this news from DC? I am personally really excited for this, and I can’t wait for the amount of young girls who will be introduced to female characters, and fall in love with characters that I have known and loved for years. It’ll be cool walking down a toy asile in the near future and seeing tons of girl related superhero products.


Source(s): ComicBookResources
The Mary Sue

You can read the entire press release below:




Mattel to Launch Company’s First Action Figures for Girls

Unprecedented Initiative to Include Digital Content, TV Specials, Made-For-Videos,

Publishing, Toys, Apparel and Other Products

Random House Children’s Books to be Master Publishing Partner

The LEGO Group to be Exclusive Construction Partner

Burbank, Calif. – April 22, 2015 – Beginning in Fall 2015, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel join forces to launch DC Super Hero Girls, an exciting new universe of Super Heroic storytelling that helps build character and confidence, and empowers girls to discover their true potential. Featuring DC Comics’ most powerful and diverse line-up of female characters as relatable teens, DC Super Hero Girls will play out across multiple entertainment content platforms and product categories to create an immersive world.

Developed for girls aged 6-12, DC Super Hero Girls centers on the female Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Comics universe during their formative years—prior to discovering their full super power potential. Featuring a completely new artistic style and aesthetic, DC Comics’ icons such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy, Katana and many more make their unprecedented teenaged introduction. Each character has her own storyline that explores what teen life is like as a Super Hero, including discovering her unique abilities, nurturing her remarkable powers and mastering the fundamentals of being a hero.

“DC Entertainment is home to the most iconic and well-known Super Heroes including Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl,” said Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment. “DC Super Hero Girls represents the embodiment of our long-term strategy to harness the power of our diverse female characters. I am so pleased that we are able to offer relatable and strong role models in a unique way, just for girls.”

The initial launch of DC Super Hero Girls in Fall 2015 will include an immersive digital experience, original digital content and digital publishing—providing opportunities for girls to interact with characters, learn about the storylines, and engage in customizable play. TV specials, made-for-videos, toys, apparel, books and other product categories will begin to rollout in 2016.

“Developing a Super Hero franchise exclusively for girls that includes all of the key components of a comprehensive entertainment experience—from content to consumer products—is something we are excited to be doing in conjunction with our great partners,” said Brad Globe, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “It’s really an honor to be part of this cultural moment and to be delivering a concept so rooted in a relatable and empowered theme that the characters of DC Comics are uniquely able to present.”

As master toy licensee, Mattel is collaborating with DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Consumer Products on DC Super Hero Girls’ narrative creation, interactive digital activations and ultimately a toy line launching in 2016. Mattel category-leading firsts include a line of characters for the action figure category, an area of the industry that has been primarily developed with boys in mind, and fashion dolls featuring strong, athletic bodies that stand on their own in heroic poses.

“Partnering with the best and being the best partner is of paramount importance,” said Richard Dickson, President, Chief Operating Officer, Mattel. “Together with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, the DC Super Hero Girls franchise will further expand our already powerful girls portfolio. We know Super Hero is a culturally relevant theme and the DC Super Hero Girls franchise will engage and inspire girls, providing cues to explore heroic acts through play and into real life.”

The Random House Books for Young Readers imprint of Random House Children’s Books has been appointed the master publishing partner for the franchise and will be creating a portfolio of books that will bring the DC Super Hero Girls world to life, beginning in Spring 2016. Random House’s publishing program will be complemented by a series of original graphic novels from DC Entertainment. The LEGO Group will also be key to building the DC Super Hero Girls franchise, leveraging their experience and success engaging girls in creative construction play to bolster this universe through an array of LEGO® building sets designed to inspire girls’ imaginations. Additionally, consumer products partners around the world will be engaged in creating a merchandise line dedicated to DC Super Hero Girls across all key categories

4LN Interview: Supergirl Creative Team Mike Johnson and K. Perkins

With a new creative team taking over on Supergirl starting in issue #36, I decided to jump on the title and see what it was all about. It easily became one of my favorite DC books after reading the first issue that they worked on. I loved how I could instantly relate to Kara as a character. Seeing her trying to juggle life as a young adult AND working at a coffee shop (like I do!) made me able to relate to the character all that much more. While reading the series, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I got fellow 4LN writer Stephen Andrew interested in the series by telling him how similar it is to Hunger Games and Ender’s Game. He read the issues and also fell in love with it.

One of the things I love about Supergirl is that the book is a fun read. It’s a cosmic adventure that spirals from The Crucible (a space academy for the strongest and best youth a planet has to offer) distant planets and then back to earth. And the whole time, Kara must determine what is right, what is wrong, and if she has sided with the right “allies.” If you aren’t reading Supergirl, you NEED to fix that immediately. I recently had the opportunity to chat with the new creative team about the series so please enjoy this hilarious and insightful interview with Mike Johnson and K. Perkins!


Perkins, can you tell us how you initially connected with DC for the opportunity to write Supergirl?

P: I met Eddie, my editor extraordinaire, through a dear friend of mine — they are both faculty at NYU (my alma mater). I came to the DC offices after the introduction to meet with EB and we just jammed on all things nerdy. Somewhere in the convo we professed our mutual love for Buffy and then suddenly it was over an hour later. Eddie’s awesome.

You seem to have a really solid connection to Kara, what is it about the character that you relate to so well? 

P: I love Kara. She’s incredibly powerful and capable, but she hasn’t quite figured that out for herself yet. Writing for Supergirl came at a very specific transition in my life where I was finding my footing again. A lot like Kara, I chose to stop listening to the people around me who were telling me who they thought I should be and how I should act. I chose to start listening to what I wanted. I’m really proud of the journey Kara takes in this arc because she’s accepted her reality and isn’t living in the past anymore. She’s moving forward and making her own choices.

I’ve personally noticed that Supergirl has a strong vibe similar to Hunger Games and Ender’s Game. Is your direction for Supergirl at all influenced by these types of stories? 

P: They’re all the hero’s journey, right? Classical storytelling at it’s best! I love those types of stories because they ask the reader to consider what s/he would do if s/he were in the same predicament as the hero. It’s awesomely self-reflective in a sneaky way, and that whole process allows for deeper consideration. I think one of the coolest things about being a writer is that you get to pose questions of your characters (and audience), either directly or indirectly, that get them to challenge what they think/feel/believe. I feel X because I’ve only experienced Y. But the whole point of my job is to get you to consider Z. Now that I know Z, do X and Y still mean the same to me? Or are things now different? Mike Johnson, my co-writer, and I talked a lot about this for Kara.

MJ:  I think Supergirl definitely shares some story-DNA with all the great sci-fi coming of age stories (and Kara actually predates many of them!) I think the best ones keep the sci-fi from overwhelming the character’s personal story, and that’s what we’ve strived to do in our story arc. Even though Kara’s an alien, her story won’t have any impact if we can’t relate to her emotionally.

As the current writers of Supergirl, how do you feel about the casting choice to select Melissa Benoist as the live action version of the character? 

P: I’m happy for Melissa! And I’m really glad Supergirl is getting love TV-wise. She’s a phenomenal character that deserves the limelight. My hope is that the show leads viewers to her original source — comics!

MJ:  I think she’ll be great. All of the new DC shows have aced the casting, and I can’t wait to see their take on Kara.

In issue #36, Clark Kent makes an appearance, and later in issue #38 Superboy makes an appearance as well. Can we expect to see any other characters from the super-family in the coming issues? 

P: Clark and Superboy’s appearances are very significant for Kara in that she’s defining who they are/what role they play in her newly accepted reality (on Earth and during her time at Crucible). What else happens and who else makes an appearance? We’ll see! And by the way, I actually giggled when I read ‘super-family’ in your question because it made me think of a super-version of Awkward Family Photos. Suddenly I saw the three of them in matching nylon tracksuits posing uncomfortably in front of a weird backdrop.

MJ:  How they get their matching nylon tracksuits is really the heart of the story. Not THIS story, but hopefully one we get to write one day. As for Crucible, yes, Kara’s super-relatives play important roles, Kon in particular. And we did have a beautiful variant cover with Kara and the Super-Pets!


You’re welcome…?

These next few questions are our Lightning Round. Just answer with the first thing that comes to mind. 

What’s your favorite Nintendo 64 game, Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie?  

P: Mario 64. In my closet with my old Nintendo systems as we speak.

MJ:  Goldeneye, duh.

What are your all time favorite pizza toppings?

P: Mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, extra cheese. Thanks, now I know what I’m ordering for lunch.

MJ:  Pepperoni, then an added layer of pepperoni, topped off with some pepperoni.

I like to work music pairings into comic book reviews, what music do you jam when writing an issue? 

P: I LOVE THIS QUESTION! I’m huge into pairing music when I write. Depending on what I’m writing the music changes. For Supergirl, I’ve been playing Deadmau5, Woodkid, CHRVCHES, Glass Animals, and Kanye. Oof, sorry about that last one.

MJ:  I listen to movie soundtracks. Pacific Rim and Rush (the Hans Zimmer score, not the band) are my current brain-music. And the Man of Steel soundtrack for Supergirl scripts, of course, with the “Man” scratched out and “Girl” written over it on my iTunes screen.

(I hope you don’t have a problem with Rush… or that might be a problem…)

In a post apocalyptic world, what post-apocalyptic hero would you want to team up with? Mad Max, Alice from Resident Evil, or Kevin Costner from Water World? 

P: Alice from Resident Evil. Alice = Badass. Milla Jovovich = Babe. I like badass babes.

MJ:  Costner in Waterworld. In a world of scarcity, you want someone who knows how to recycle their bodily fluids into potable water. (Sorry. But true.)


I want thank Mike and Perkins for letting me pick their brains, and I’d like to let the rest of the world know that Perkins and I are now BFF’s, having bonded over our mutual love of Kanye West…

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.33.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.32.33 PM

4LN Comic Review: Supergirl #38

Series: Supergirl
Writer(s): Mike Johnson & K. Perkins
Pencils: Emanuela Lupacchino
Inks: Ray McCarthy

Summary from Comixology:Supergirl faces her toughest class yet at the Crucible Academy: Humanity 101!

I personally am not a fan of Superman or any of the Super Family, for the record, except Supergirl. I have always been a fan of hers and I think she is one of the strongest female characters in comics today. I would put her right up there with Wonder Woman, without a doubt. I love her role in Justice League United, and I loved when she was a Red Lantern earlier in 2014. One thing I have always enjoyed about Kara is the fact that she’s in Alien girl, but yet she is still so relatable and has much humanity. Unlike Superman who I have a hard time relating to, I can find more similarities with Supergirl. The new creative team took over the book in issue #36 and gave the book a new feel, think Hunger Games meets Ender’s Game. That’s pretty much the best representation of this book I can think of.

I really liked this issue because it showed the humanity of Supergirl and how caring and sensitive she can be. I really enjoyed the moments of battle between the students of The Crucible (And we are not sure if The Crucible is a good school or not) and the rebel fighters led by Roho. The fight scenes were really well drawn and easy to follow, and the colors popped of the page. Mike Johnson and K. Perkins make a really good team and bring a breath of fresh air to Kara. It was also great seeing how Superboy fit into the issue and how protective Kara becomes when she sees he’s still alive.

I personally felt that some of the villains for this issue didn’t make sense when it comes to their power. One character emits a giant flash of light and this freezes the characters, and causes them to not be able to move for some time. It just didn’t make sense, and when it was explained, I still couldn’t follow that. It was a strong issue but some of the dialogue also felt fairly weak.

The Final Say:
Over all I really enjoyed this comic. If you have read (or seen) Hunger Games and Ender’s Game, then I really think you will enjoy this book. It’s a fun ride and it really leaves you wanting more of the story. The arc started two issues ago in #36 so you can track those down pretty easily and enjoy the story. This book is a solid 4 out of 5 and is a really fun ride. It’s not a serious book but it is a great read. So, head out to your LCS and pick this book up! When you finish reading it, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Music Pairing
Welcome to a new section! This is something that my fellow 4LN writer Stephen Andrew and I have been wanting to do for a while. We both obesses over music and enjoying listening to it when we read comics. Going forward, in our reviews, we’ll be sharing with you our picks on some great music to partner with your reading of whatever comic we’re reviewing.

Now since this book is a fun read, so you are going to want some fun music to listen to while you read this. I would personally recommend My Head Is An Animal by Of Monster and Men. I mention this album because it captures the feelings of excitement and adventure like in the songs Little Talks and Dirty Paws. These two songs fit the mold of the comic, and ironically in Little Talks it even says “Don’t trust a word I’m saying…” Which Kara feels when she realizes that Crucible isn’t as great as it may seem.

Red Lantern #29 Review


Book: Red Lanterns #29
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Alessandro Vitti

Summery from Comixology:
“The Reds have found their newest recruit: Supergirl! Guy Gardner is hardly equipped to handle a teenaged Kryptonian Red Lantern, so he heads for Earth and hand her off to her cousin–The Man of Steel himself, Superman.”

Red Lanterns issue 29 is the 2nd issue in the “Red Daughter of Krypton” story arc, in which Supergirl has become a Red Lantern due to the anger she suffers from due to her world being destroyed and one of the last of her kind. The story also features some interactions with Superman. The issue starts with Skallox and Zilius Zox testing some very high grade military equipment on Supergirl to see how powerful she truly is; and its surprisingly entertaining.


The main reason I started reading Red Lanterns was due to the fact that Guy Gardner is now their leader, and He is one of my favorite Green Lantern. I love how much of a smart-ass and dick Guy can be, and in this issue that was my favorite thing about it. At one point, Guy didn’t want Kara drinking because she is just a teenager and Guy wants her to follow earth “rules” when it comes to drinking. Guy also made a funny point about how terrible things will get with Supergirl; after all she is a “Teenage Kryptonian Red Lantern? Come on. That’ too much.”-Guy.


My least favorite thing about this issue though was the art for Superman. It just looked weird and, honestly, terrible. His face was way to square and his neck was almost nonexistent. It looked as if his jaw was just attached to his shoulders. The Superman was just poorly executed. All the other characters seemed to have been drawn very well, but I couldn’t look away from the disaster that was Superman.


Watch out, we got a bad ass over here.


I really enjoyed this issue and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I think Guy and Supergirl are going to make a very unique team for Red Lanterns and I think a major event will soon take place in the world of the Red Lanterns. If you haven’t read the Red’s before, go pick up issue 28 and this issue, 29, and have some fun in the wild world of anger and the Red Lantern Corps. Over all I give this issue 3 and a ½ out of 4. I would have given it a solid 4, but the Superman was a major disappointment.