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The Best Headphones That I Have Ever Owned

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To say that I am the worst person in the world with taking care of headphones would be an understatement. I am terrible with them. I mean TERRIBLE. I’ve been using headphones ever since getting a walkman cd player in middle school, and I would not be shocked to say that I have probably been through close to 100 pairs in my 23 years of life. I’ve had every possible style over the years. Ever since high school though, I have been using earbuds. After shorting out another pair (a decent pair of Skullcandy earbuds costing around $40) a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to change up what I use. So I was in the market for a pair of over the ear headphones with a removable aux cord. After scavenging Amazon and eBay for a few hours one day, I found my saving grace: the August EP650 Headphones.

Not only do the EP650’s have a removable aux cord, but they also have Bluetooth wireless. The big selling point on these headphones are the specifications and the price point. While shopping around, I had a budget of around $50 to spend. I knew going in, that I wouldn’t be getting a pair of overpriced Beats By Dre (though, they do sound good.) I expected to get something good at a decent price, but not an amazing pair for an amazing price. The August EP650 headphones have nearly identical specs to Beats By Dre (plus Bluetooth) for $55.

After reading reviews, comparing specifications and everything else possible, I placed my order. I even got excited enough to get 2 day shipping (I was desperate to stop using my backup headphones.) So I waited 2 days and it they were finally delivered. I unboxed them like a kid on Christmas, gazing at the quality of the product. I was shocked at how well made these headphones are. Size wise, these are the perfect fit. The ear cushions are so comfortable, to the point that you almost forget that you’re even wearing headphones. Of course, they do have an adjustable headband (with even more cushioning!) so you can fit them to any head size. They’re built very solid, not flimsy at all but weigh just the right amount.


The battery life on the EP650’s are fantastic. If I were to guess, I would say they get around 12 hours for every charge. I literally listen to them all day at work and every night when I go to sleep. I maybe have to recharge them every other day. The good thing though, is that you can charge them through an included mini usb cable and still listen to them. Or you can plug in the aux cord and use them as normal headphones, no power needed. On the side of the right earphone, there is a small control panel that allows you to adjust volume, change tracks as well as play/pause whatever you’re listening to. As far as range goes, it is listed as 10 meters. I can generally walk into another room before I start losing any signal.

All those features are great and all, but the sound is what really matters and what really blows me away about these headphones. Like I said earlier, the EP650’s have almost identical sound to Beats By Dre. Whenever you buy lower end headphones, the bass tends to lack. Not with these headphones though. The frequency range is from 40hz (lows) to 20,000hz (highs), creating a really dynamic range so that you hear an insane amount of detail in music, but especially movies. The sound can get extremely loud and starts to sound pretty gainy if you turn it up too high, but I have mine set to around 1/4th of the way and it’s more than enough.

I really don’t know what else I can say about these headphones. I have never backed a product like I do with the August EP650 Headphones. If you’re in the market in headphones (or will be soon), just go on and buy these. I can pretty much promise you won’t find a better deal on headphones anywhere. Pick them up on Amazon for $55 now!





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  • Just picked up a pair after trying out my bosses.

    As computer programmers, we tend to get up from our desks often and walk around while mulling over code in our head and on the whiteboard. Having the mobility while keeping the consistent flow of music from our laptops is crucial, this product just made that possible!

    Not to mention the quality is amazing.

    I do seem to be getting this “clicking” noise in the headphones though when I listen to music. I’m not sure what it is yet. Maybe I shoudn’t be in “Stereo” mode. Not quite sure yet. The fact that it happens on both mine and my bosses is making me think it’s some sort of setting.

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