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The Return of Heroes!

(Editor’s note: This post was written by Shandi Galiher)


It was recently announce that NBC plans to bring the show Heroes back. A 13 episode “event series” title “Heroes: Reborn” is expected to begin in 2015. There have been no casting announcements made, but “Heroes” creator Tim Kring will be helming the project.

Source: NBC’s ‘Heroes’ is coming back


As someone who hates the end of every show, (I’m looking at you, LOST) I fully expected to hate the last episode of Heroes, and I was not wrong. My husband, and late night binge-watching partner in crime, was ready for the finale and thought the writers did justice to the show by leaving it to our imagination. I however took a different road. I don’t watch tv shows to peak my imagination, if I wanted to do that, I would read, or paint or try to have a conversation with my 3 year old. I want my tv to spell everything out for me in an annoyingly obvious, beat-a-dead-horse kind of way. So it is that part of me that is overjoyed at the idea of getting to see these characters again. I have so many unanswered questions Is Sylar good or bad? Does it matter, because we’re going to love him anyway? How is what the cheerleader did (no spoilers for all you Johnny-come-Netflixers) going to change everything? And what hijinks is Hiro going to find himself getting into? Let’s welcome Heroes back with a rousing, Yatta!!


So how about you guys? Are you excited to see the return of Heroes, or do you wish it they would have just let the sleeping dog lie? Let us know!


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