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The Thin Nerdy Line….(12 Reasons Why Juggalos are Out)

Juggalo 1


In the secret hallway, that is our private 4LN message thread on Facebook, randomly we will talk about all kinds of things nerdy. We have debates about what should be considered nerdy. What our name should be. If something is nerdy, why? And most importantly we make fun of Bill… I mean discuss what topics we want to cover or ideas we have for new articles. One thing I think we all love taking part in is the mailbag, and really digging deep to find answers to the questions our Facebook followers have. Right now these questions mostly are from friends that are also nerdy, but they are a ton of fun to cover. Recently we ran into one that caused quite a ruckus in the “hallway”. The question was “What defines a nerd versus a geek?” I feel like Cameron covered that question pretty well in his The Nerd Rises article, so I don’t want to get very philosophical on the debate that is Nerd vs Geek. It was the question inside of it; where does the term nerd start and end? Who cannot be considered a nerd?


Our whole tag line of this blog is this “Everyone’s a nerd about something.” Our original thought of nerdom was basically if you obsess over something so much that you know every detail of it then you are a nerd in that area. Sounds simple right? We thought so too, but the more we discussed other subcultures we realized that not everyone fits the bill with being a nerd, nor do nerds want to associate with every subculture. With that being said I want to present to you a subculture that seems like it might fit, but we all agree we want nothing to do with…..




If you’re not familiar with the term juggalo it is the cult like following of the group I.C.P (or Insane Clown Posse), and while we can’t deny that they have obsessed fan base, we’d like to count the ways they don’t really fit in the nerd realm.




1. You’re heroes/cult leaders are freaking clowns! Clowns! THAT RAP! TERRIBLY! I don’t think there is a worse thing that could be a leader, role model, or however the hell you look at them. Their names are Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J.



2. You wear clown make up to everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING.

Funeral Juggalo


3. Hatchetman is literally the Bat symbol for you guys.



4. Your version of LARPing is wearing clown make up and drinking Faygo in a vacant parking lot somewhere screaming about Faygo and wearing clown make up.

Parking lot_juggalo_10


5. 1 out of 6 Juggalos has a valid driver’s license. Not sure why this is, but it explains why you can always find 5 sweaty clowns riding passenger in a 1985 Le Sabre on any given Friday night.

Don't worry guys Grandma can drop us off!

Don’t worry guys Grandma can drop us off!


6.  You believe you’re a part of a family. Really it’s just a bunch of lonely kids drinking Faygo together.


7. The Hatchetman is the most covered up tattoo among all tattoos.


8. You want your children to be Juggalos. Who does this to a child?

Juggalo Kid


9. Hugo Boss is your mating call.


10.  You think this picture is awesome.



11. Your toys are made for grown ass men.

Chicken Juggalo


12. Your women are just as obsessed as you are.


Actually…. These are all things comic nerds do! DANG IT STEPHEN!!! You were right. Juggalos are nerds! Crap.


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  • I didn’t need to see half of those pictures. I enjoyed the humor of this article. 4 out of 5 stars. (minus 1 star for the mental scarring)

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