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Thor 3? What We Know So far!

Marvel has announced that there will be a third Thor film. It was also recently announced that Craig Kyle, who was a producer on “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World”, will be a co-writer on the script for Thor 3. Not only that, but he’ll be transitioning away from his executive role at Marvel to take o screenwriting full time.

Source: Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World EP Craig Kyle Moves to Screenwriting

Thor 3: CaliTHORnia… ok. I’m sorry. That was a terrible joke and I’m ashamed of myself.


With news like this you also get a deluge of rumors and speculation. There’s been talk that the next Thor film will somehow be related to Ragnarok.



I’d say that, with this film following “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, there’s a real possibility that they could put Thor in a more universally perilous situation. When it comes to the Avengers team, he’s really the only one that has that kind of responsibility. Then rest of the team can really only be concerned with Earth and the on-goings of our own nefarious characters. But Thor has GALAXIES to think about. You can put that character in a situation were the very universe is at the point of cataclysmic collapse and it’s not as out of place as if it was Hawkeye (who’s still f—ing awesome and deserves WAY more credit than he gets).

“I’m going to shoot you in the face with this arrow, not because I don’t like guns, but because you won’t immediately die so it’ll hurt longer…”


That’s as much as we know so far. Some fact, some rumor… ALL awesome. Personally, I really want to see them finally throw Enchantress into the mix man. I LOVE that character. Yes, she’s hot, but she’s also brilliantly conniving and functions on Loki-like levels of deception. She would certainly pose a threat to Thor’s relationship with Jane Foster, and if Sif ever confesses her true feelings for The God of Thunder we could potentially see not just love triangle but a love… square? Rectangle! A Love Rectangle!

The brain you can’t see is more dangerous than the naked thighs you can see.


Make sure to pick up “Thor: The Dark World” when it hits stores on Blu-ray and DVD Feb.25th. Until then though, go here to check out THOR: THE DARK WORLD BLOOPERS.

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