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pr1   There are three things I really love in life (not counting friends, family, and girlfriend):  My dog Max, comic books (as you can tell) and punk rock. Since the age of 15 I have been surrounded in the punk rock community. I loved the angry raw sound. In high school at one point I had green hair, and then I had a “Two-Face” look with half my hair blue and half black.  I looked like I should have been in a Casualties music video for a while. I was your typical “street” punk kid. As I grew older I just began to blend into to the music scene I was around. I no longer stood out; I conformed to my surroundings and started to dress normal. Now I just look like every other Old Guy at a hardcore show. (And I’m only 20!) But I began to notice in comics that every once in a while I would find a punk kid in the back ground. I know in an early issue of The Walking Dead there is a zombie wearing a GBH t-shirt. I remember instantly sending a picture of it to one of my really good friends thinking it was the coolest thing to find in such a major series. Hell I even know that there is a Batman panel where Bats talks about how he hates punk rock because its “hate and promotes crime, food for the beast” or something along those lines. gbhWalkingDead So my question that I hope to answer in this article is, “Why isn’t there more punk rock in comic books?” Is it because it’s not friendly, welcoming, or even remotely appealing the masses?  I would love to see Batman and/or Superman just got bat-poo crazy beating up a punk kid trying to deal heroin in crime ally or mugging an old man in Metropolis. Or Maybe it would be cool if we found out Hal Jordan was best friends with some punx in high school. I could see it now:  Hal being friends with a guy named Kyle. No, not Kyle Rayner, Maybe Kyle… Brook or something like that? Just some nasty crust kid, always in black clothing with unreadable band patches all over his pants, vest and or hat. Talking about how great Tragedy or Aus-Rotten is. I think it would be pretty cool to see a young Hal pogo-ing or slam dancing in some gritty punk club like CBGB’s. Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.19.48 AM I know in a few issues of Hellblazer, John Constantine fought some punks in the Spirit of ’77 that were possessed by the leather jacket of Sid Vicious. It was a pretty cool story and has some awesome artwork. There is even another Constantine story where some documentary filmmakers want to figure out what happened to “Mucous Membrane” a punk band lead my none other then Mr. John Constantine (Maybe that’s why he’s my favorite human superhero). If you are a Jason Aaron fan, I would totally recommend reading this little run. There is even a recent story, which I guess can be said to be controversial, where Sean Murphy had a very interesting story to tell. And guess what its about: If you said “punk rock,” you win! And surprisingly, It’s called Punk Rock Jesus.  In this story, our main character, Chris has become a genetic clone of none other then good ole Jesus Christ (Superstar!). This new Chris Christ, kinda like Kris Kross except nothing like them, becomes an atheist, rejects the morals of the church and uses his new stardom to create a punk rock band. Sounds pretty radical doesn’t it? Hell, for crying out loud even Suicide Girls have a comic series where they run around and fight crime (I would guess?).  Not that I have read it or anything…  Even in the Welcome Back, Frank story line a few punks are seen and killed in that story, which seems a bit punkist. (If I can recall correctly it wasn’t a Marvel Max title but a Marvel Knights series, which is weird because I would never consider Frank Castle a knight). Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.33.28 AM So from John Constantine, to Frank Carter Castle; From Punk Rock Jesus to Suicide Girls, we have seen a small majority of punks in the comic book medium. However, I don’t think we have seen enough in these universes. And most punks seen in comics are normally portrayed as junkies and troublemakers, and that’s not completely true. I think Batman would have his hands full when it comes to trying to battle some FSU crew (F**k S**t Up/Friends Stand United) hoodlums. But I think it would be cool to see some punk kids do some good in comics. I would love to watch a group of punks work with Batman in order to bring down a racist hate syndicate or even an underground hobo fight club in which punks are forced to fight to the death. n 1979, The Germs Sang a chant of “We Must Bleed, We Must Bleed, We Must Bleed”. Fast forward to 2004, on their song “Mass Nerder”, Descendents changed that around by chanting “We Must Read, We Must Read, We Must Read.” So my friends when it comes to comic books, what else is there to do besides read?

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