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WB Trying to Land Joaquin Phoenix for Man of Steel 2

The Man of Steel sequel rumor mill has been working at a feverish pace that past few weeks.  Last week we noted that Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo) was in talks to join to film in an unspecified role, and Gal Gadot has officially been added to the cast as Wonder Woman.

This week Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers is very interested in trying to add Joaquin Phoenix to the cast, possibly as the films main villain.  There is a lot of speculation that the Superman’s main antagonist in this film would be Lex Luthor, although that also hasn’t been confirmed.   It’s important to note that this is not definite by any means, and there it is not certain that Phoenix would even be interested if offered since he seems to have been more interested in independent style films as of late.

What do you guys think?  Could Phoenix pull off a Ledger-esque performance if he lands the role?


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