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What In The Hell Is Going On?- Red Lantern #21


Today I am starting on an ongoing series here at Four Letter Nerd. Eventually each writer, Cody, Stephen, Robbie and Cam will all jump into the middle of a comic series that they are not following or have any clue whats going on. And they are going to ask one simple question, “What In The Hell Is Going On?” I promise you that this will be something you look forward to reading (I hope?) and I think you are going to get a kick out of what we have to say. Especially when Stephen and Cam are dumped into a universe that they have no clue what’s going on. (mostly Cam, he ONLY reads Thor: God Of Thunder and Superman Unchained.)

So here we go, What In The Hell Is Going On in Red Lantern #21?


I’m going to start with the cover, because that’s what grabbed my attention while walking around my shop looking for a book to grab. Guy Gardner: Traitor to Two Corps. “We’ll this should be interesting” I thought to myself. I love Green Lantern and I have never read any other offshoot of Lanterns. I mean come on, do we REALLY need a Red Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians AND a Green Lantern? It’s kind of like Batman, why in the hell do we have Dark Knight, Detective, Batwing, Batwoman, Batman and Robin Whatever-it-is-now, and Nightwing and the list can go on. Well that’s the end of that rant. I look forward to seeing why Guy is now a traitor to TWO corps.

Well, it starts promisingly. A really strong Darkseid look-a-like choking what appears to be a doggy-reindeer. There is also a Red Lantern cat, which is just adorable! From what I can tell so far, the Red Lanterns are very angry aliens. It must have something to do with all the red and whatnot.  Ok, so Guy and Hal are talking on Oa and Guy is rebuilding a motorcycle… in space… why?

So, Hal ends up asking Guy to go back to the Red Lanterns as a spy and to figure out what’s going on over with the angry guys. Guy ends up in a Bar that he runs on Oa and talking and making drinks for a few other Green Lanterns. He makes some guy a fruity drink and is told not to put any pink umbrellas into the glass. And then we see a green lantern in the shape of a drink umbrella. I really don’t know what that was suppose to mean, or what that Lanterns back story is, but it seemed really lame and almost stupid. It felt like the writer was SO set on this joke that he had to create a entire alien race to pull it off. Now, I can pretty much get behind everything in the GL Universe, but a damn drink umbrella alien? Come on now, that’s just sad…


We appear back on the planet of Ysmault where the Red Lanterns wanted to have communion of the blood of one of the members of this corps in order to gain his power of constructing weapons. So, they are really angry vampires that take some inspiration from the Christian religion? I’m sold; I’ve got a new book on my pull list! But back to the topic at hand, all the Red Lanterns are appear to be fighting to the death. Then Guy appears and begins some small talk,  and has an internal conversation about how he’s not good enough to be a Green Lantern. He was never a good cop, and that no matter how powerful he is with a ring he can’t stop all the bad things from happening in the universe. Honestly, for this brief minute, I really related to Guy, a hell of a lot more than I have ever related to Hal. Then things get kinda weird…

Guy is trying to let Atrocictus know that he wants back in with the Reds. But Atrocictus wants none of that and doesn’t believe a single word coming out of Guy, and neither did I. Then, Atrocicus shoots some red laser/blood (?) beam out of his mouth and it depletes Guy’s ring to 54% and every time he’s hit buy Atrocictus his ring power drops dangerously low. But then, Guy just loses it; he gets more and more angry after every hit. Every hit that he receives AND delivers. Watching this I really found myself rooting for Guy, mostly because Atrocictus really seems like a dick. Then finally, Guy beats Atrocictus and rips his ring off of his finger, Guy is now a Red Lantern, and I’m a little intimidated, he seems a lot more bad ass than I expected.

The little kitty cat red lantern makes another appearance and its just as adorable. HE WEARS HIS RING ON HIS TAIL! I think he is very much devoted to Atrocictus because he puts him in a red bubble and they two fly off, it’s an adorable scene covered in blood.redlantern3

The issue ends with Guy standing in front of the rest of the Red Lantern Corps screaming and it leaves us with “I’m done being the good guy.

I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed this issue. I have never read a Red Lantern series and in all honestly, I think I might start. I enjoyed the anger and emotion that this brought. And I really found myself rooting for Guy a hell of a lot more than Hal or even Kyle. Well, I hope this helped you figure out what in the hell is going on in Red Lanterns #21!

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