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Wonder Woman #23 Review

So, I just finished Wonder Woman number 23, and it was absolutely beautiful. I don’t even know where to begin for this one. I guess I can start with writer Brian Azzarello, which will be hard to be unbiased because he’s my absolute favorite comic writer and Cliff Chiang has the best art in The New 52, besides Jim Lee, but that shouldn’t even be a contest. I have to say this Wonder Woman title has been one of the best series from DC’s re-launch.

Before Brian was head of creativity for Wonder Woman, I never wanted to read one of her books, and if I went my entire life without reading one, I don’t think I would have any regrets. But that has totally changed. Brian has written this series like a crime story and it had one kick ass ending. I honestly didn’t see anything coming in this final issue “GODDOWN.” With the title I immediately expected Zola and/or her child Zeke to be killed, and Wonder Woman to be filled with grief and become a darker character. NOPE.

My absolute favorite part of this conclusion to a hell of a ride is the amazing battle between the Wonder Woman and War (Aries) against First Born. This even includes one of my best-loved splash pages of a younger War standing behind an army of dead soldiers, and these soldiers range anywhere from the Crusades to Vietnam. At one point War gives a good bit of dialogue where he says these are the soldiers who grew old like him and “never forgetting those that fell next to them.” So here is War and Wonder Woman at war with The First Born and they essentially have the best army on their side.

We see First Born beat the hell out of Wonder Woman and once he completes his task of demolishing Diana he finally comes after War instead of Zola and Zeke because he believes once he kills War, the army will cease and he can take over Olympus. Watching the god of war fight First Born just added even more intensity to this story. This is where the comic takes a bit of an emotional turn.


Towards the end of Issue #23, First Born has War in a chokehold and before he has the chance to finally end War, Wonder Woman impales War AND First Born. So, now everything First Born was trying so hard to fight, kill, and cheat for is wasted. That’s right, War is now dead at the hands of Wonder Woman, and he was previously her mentor… First Born is impaled and falls to his side, and we see Diana holding a dying War in her arms. Its almost symbolic in a way.

Now is when Zola FINALLY does something useful and knocks First Born out with what appears to be a 2×4, and the lovely Hell makes a return to take War with him and as Wonder Woman and Hell carry the body of War to rest forever, Wonder Woman asks if Hell is also here for the first born and he replies “That depends, are you going to finish him?” and to which Wonder Woman replies “There’s been enough killing today.” The last line of this comic is what was the biggest surprise for me; Hell states, “You will make an interesting god of war,” to Wonder Woman. Holy. Crap. Wonder Woman is the new War… Let that sink in for a minute. The Amazonian is the God. Of. War. So my friends, what’s going to happen next? And how is Wonder Woman going to morally handle being the new War? This is going to be a great journey.

All I gotta say after that, I can not wait to see what you have planned next Brain Azzarello but I know for a fact Wonder Woman is in great hands.

I beautiful comic and easily one of the best comics I have read from the New 52 series. I give this a 9/10. I recommend everyone reads this comic.


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