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X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer 2

Check out the new action-packed trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past and let us know what you think in the comments!



Bill – This trailer got me extremely excited. The major thing that I took away from the trailer was the full body Iceman. Towards the end of the clip we see Bobby Drake sliding around on some ice ramps and “making it snow.” With Bobby being my favorite X-Men I have waited a long time for this, and I honestly think this brings him some well-deserved attention.

Besides the Bobby scenes, we get some more visual spoilers of the mutant hunting machines known as the Sentinel. And they look to be pretty terrifying. I was worried about how well they would transfer over onto film, but I think they really pulled this off. It was also AWESOME seeing what looked like Piotr Rasputin do a quick transformation into the metal X-Men Colossus. This leads me to believe that we might see his sister Magik in the movies as well.


Stephen – I showed the trailer to my 6 year-old and his only question was, “Isn’t Quicksilver in this?” I replayed the trailer and paused on the one scene with Quicksilver and he was like, “Oh. OK.” Totally underwhelmed. We all were buddy.

Other than that, I’m excited about this flick. I like the Days of Future Past story-line from the comics because it’s so ridiculously insane that it’s brilliant. And, as Bill mentioned, seeing Colossus got me pretty pumped as well. He was always one of my favorites as a kid. The acting caliber here is great as well. We’re getting the great performances we know and love from the Sirs Stewart and McKellen, J-law, Jamie McAvoy, and (my personal fav) Mikey Fassbender, plus the addition of Tyrion Lannister, er, I mean, Peter Dinklage (TEAM TYRION!) OH, and Kitty’s back! I love Ellen Page (even though she could never love me back, which is evident by her letters “politely refusing” my invitation to have dinner at Ponderosa Steakhouse) and I’m glad she’s back as Kitty Pryde.

All in all, I’ve got faith in this movie. I think it’ll at least be very entertaining.


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  • OK, so I go back and forth on this movie, sometimes everything looks amazing and sometimes it seems to be letting me down. But the second trailer has solidified this movie as a must see for me this year. The appearance of characters like Blink make me look toward the future as well with the Apocalypse movie coming next. The biggest down side of the movie for me at this point is their choice of costume for Quicksilver, IT LOOKS SO WEIRD. Over all I am excited to see where the xmen franchise goes because as bad as some points were in the past, with the pop culture world being run by the geeks and nerds now I dont believe there is any story that they cannot tell and I hope this next movie is a jumping off point for the future.

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