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4LN Advance Comic Review: X-O Manowar #39

Series: X-O Manowar
Writer: Robert Venditti
Art Team: Rafa Sandoval, Ryan Winn, and Brian Reber
Publisher: Valiant

Summary from Valiant Entertainment:


Aric of Dacia is X-O Manowar, hero to humanity, leader of the remaining Visigoths, and a husband about to start a new family. He is also the bearer of Shanhara, and tantamount to a God in the eyes of the alien race known as the Vine. Now, in the aftermath of DEAD HAND, the Vine need a new home and have chosen Earth – tearing Aric between two races that worship him, but each despise one another. New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (BOOK OF DEATH) and red-hot artist Rafa Sandoval (Ultimate Hawkeye) unite here to begin a bold and tragic new era in the life of X-O Manowar!



As my fellow 4LN writer Bill Clark said in his recent Green Lantern review, Robert Venditti is a hell of a writer.  His scope in this series has been grand, and this issue is no different.  The Vine, having barely survived the destruction of their home-world during Dead Hand initiative attempt to take refuge on Earth in order to be near their god-figure, Aric of Dacia (X-O Manowar).  Some of those that survived the Armor Hunters that nearly destroyed LA aren’t all that keen on aliens of any kind showing up unannounced leaving Aric in the middle between those that see him as their deity and those to which he has sworn his allegiance.

The art team (Rafa Sandoval, Ryan Winn, and colorist Brian Reber) does some really amazing work in this issue.  The tense standoff between the Vine and American fighter pilots with Aric caught in the middle leads to some pretty epic panels.  And, as always, I was very impressed with colorist extraordinaire Brian Reber who’s skills are utilized on a majority of Valiant’s titles. The colors are just so vibrant and unique, it’s hard to anything like it on the shelves right now.


Like it says in the summary, this is a great jumping on point for new Valiant readers.  The title page gives you all of the context needed to understand what was going on.  If you do want to go back and read Valiant back-issues (which I would actually highly recommend), a Scribd subscription and an tablet or computer will get you access to a majority of their titles from the beginning up to about a few issues ago.  Oh, and the first month is free which gives you the chance to binge-read as much as you possibly can in a month.  There are also several Valiant fans on Facebook and Twitter that would be more than happy to help out a new fan.  That is, after all, how I ended up with an ever growing long box filled with comics from my favorite new publisher.

I know it can be really difficult to jump on a book that is hovering near 40 issues.  Luckily this issue should be accessible to anyone looking for something new to read.  X-O Manowar is a man out of time.  He is a 5th century warrior who possesses one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.  So if you are a fan of sci-fi, man-out-of-time stories, or even to a degree sword and sorcery stories – X-O Manowar might just be your new addition to your subscription list.  Head on down to your local comic shop and give X-O Manowar #39 a shot. Also take a look around, they just might have some of the Dollar Debut issues of X-O Manowar #1 lying around.

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