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4LN Comic Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2

Series: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artist: Robert Hack


Summary from Comixology: “On the eve of Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday, she faces a choice that will determine her destiny as a half-witch/half-mortal, an unspeakable terror arrives in Greendale, and her name is… MADAM SATAN! At long last, the secret history of the Queen of Hell is revealed, and she sets her vengeful gaze upon the SPELLMAN family. No one, especially those close to Sabrina, is safe, and very, very soon, the quiet streets of Greendale will run red with blood…”

I was REALLY excited to see this book on the shelf when I hit up my LCS this morning to get my books. I was actually a little caught off guard when I saw the book. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1  came out the first part of October, and we are just now getting issue #2. I at first thought that this was a reprint, or my shop finally got more copies in. I was really surprised that it’s been so long since the first issue came out, but I am super glad I picked up the second issue. It was creepy as hell. And that’s an understatement.

As I said, this book was creepy as hell. It is not the Archie/Sabrina book you remember. There were a lot of things that really caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting so much nudity. The first page has a women buttocks in 3 panels, and shows her breast, with hair covering the nipples. Now, this sounds explicit, but it adds to the story and this is not used to sexualize the women, but rather show her as a raw evil beast, since she is Madam Satan. This issue isn’t as much about Sabrina, but rather Madam Satan, Sabrina’s fathers previous lover. At one point a character is graphically ripped apart by lions and later scene hanging from chains “… in that particular circle of hell reserved for suicides…” I was very surprised to see that book, as graphic as it is, was rated Teen+. I have seen Punisher MAX comics less graphic then this book was.


The art work by Robert Hack is great, and I also find it funny someone with the last name Hack is working on a horror book. As great as his art was, there are a couple panels on the page where the characters look to have “derp face” and/or cross-eyed. It was a bit distracting to see a horror story where the characters faces are so unique. With Madam Satan, it makes sense for her eyes to be messed up since her face is ripped off, but other characters such as Sabrina and Diana’s eyes are a bit wild. The only other “low” I can think of is, the book has one hell of a whack release schedule. Issue #1 came out in October of 2014, and issue #2 came out April of 2015. Is this a bi-annual book, or just released when it’s ready? (If anyone knows, please comment below and we’ll update with a release schedule for the book.)

The Final Say:
This IS a book you want to be reading. It’s full of horror and graphic images. It’ll make your skin crawl, and it will leave you waiting and wanting more. It’s a solid 4 out of 5 so you really need to go out and pick up issue #1 (If you can find it!) and issue #2, because you will not want to sleep on this title.

Music Pairing:
Madam Hell is pissed and hated/hates life because of what Edward has done to her. She wants to make the world suffer. She wants to make Sabrina and company suffer. Madam Hell has the mentality of “Fuck this life,” so that’s why its the perfect read for the crust punk band Young And In The Way. Specifically their opener for their latest album When Life Comes To Death, feel evil and jam “Fuck This Life” while you read this book.


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