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4LN Comic Review – Rasputin #1

Series – Rasputin
Written by – Alexander Grecian
Art by – Ivan Plascencia & Riley Rossmo
Publiher – Image Comics

Summary from Comixology – “DRACULA AT DOWNTON ABBEY! In one night Rasputin was poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot in the head, drowned, then tied up and thrown in a frozen river. It was really bad timing. His beard was just coming in nicely. New York Times bestselling author ALEX GRECIAN and fan favorite artist RILEY ROSSMO reunite for the first time since their critically acclaimed series PROOF!”

Rasputin #1

Overview –
Like I assume many of you can relate to, the most I know about the legend of Rasputin is based around the brevity I remember hearing about him in school, and how much I can remember about the animated Anastasia film from the late 90’s. So… not much. They could pump in a ton of BS about him into this comic, like he’s personally responsible for the “Chilean mining accident” in 2010, and I would believe every single word.

Additionally,  I’m not all that familiar with the creative team on this series. I never read Gecian’s & Rossmo’s “Proof” series, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect long-term from these fellas. If this first issue is an accurate indication, it should be a dark, creepy ride though.

click for super-sized previews of Rasputin #1

Highs –
Issue #1’s are tricky, especially with a new independent series that isn’t based on an already well-established comic book character. You have to hook people for the beginning with something, anything, that will keep them wanting to come back issue after issue. Here, Alexander Grecian uses the trick of showing us the middle of the story and then taking us back to the beginning. It’s brilliant. We see what happens before Rasputin’s legendary death and then we’re transported back to see a little of how his story began.

I enjoyed the artwork in this issue. It’s very detailed and classic. The color-work also also very well done and really adds to creating the bleak, mysterious feel of the story.

click for super-sized previews of Rasputin #1

Lows –
I did not find anything particularly unlikable here. I think for some people who do not know who Rasputin was then they may have a hard time getting invested, but I personally feel like this story is gonna pay off.

click for super-sized previews of Rasputin #1

The Final Say –
Rasputin #1 is a very good first issue. It balances the present and past of it’s main character very well and doesn’t bore. I’m awarding this a 4 out of 5 stars. Head down to your local comic shop and pick up a copy. After you do, come back here and let us know in the comments section below what you think about it!

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