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4LN Comic Review – The Devilers #3

Book: The Devilers #3
Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Matt Triano

Summary from Comixology: “From Joshua Hale Fialkov, the writer of Ultimate FF, comes The Devilers! The City of the Damned attacks as the Devilers fight their way to Lucifer’s castle in the center of hell, but what, or rather, WHO they find there is not what they expected at all. Plus, the origin of the Deviler that might save them all.”

Overview –
I got the first 2 issues of The Devilers a couple of weeks ago from a friend of mine. He thought I might dig it, and he was totally right. I grew up in a pretty religious family so I’m well-acquainted with the ideas of Demons & Angels, Heaven & Hell, God & Satan, Simon & Garfunkel (Some of you know what I’m talking about).

So the other day I’m helping out at the CCL store, unboxing the new release comics and getting them ready to go out on the shelves, when I notice a copy of The Devilers #3. It’s just ONE copy. I got super excited and then my excitement immediately turned to crippling fear as I thought, “If Steve (The CCL Store’s manager/all around nice fella) only ordered one copy then he must have special ordered it specifically for someone… KHHHHAAAAAAN!” (I actually yelled that in the shop). I decided to forego the remaining panic and lamentations, and just texted Steve to see. “It’s all yours” he said. “HUZZAH!”

The Good –
The Devilers is a crazy-ass story that knows it’s crazy. It’s about a ragtag group of people from various religions who’ve recently discovered they have “superpowers” and have to go on a mission to the kingdom of Hell in order to stop it from taking over the earth. I freaking love it. This issue continues the groups journey through hell as they face off against demons and monsters, while also focusing on Raab, who is of Muslim faith, and his past and power. I love the way Fialkov writes these characters as so self-aware. They’re not overly-dramatic or cheesy in any way. They are flawed people who’ve been brought together for a purpose and they’re learning how to cooperate with one another. The plot advances nicely and the ending is very much an interesting development.

The artwork of this series is amazing. I love the way Triano does a lot with what he has to work with. I mean, these people are traversing the labyrinth of Hell and so there has to be a lot of red and black, but he colors our reluctant adventurers enough to keep the issue from being hard to look at. Also, his demons and hell-creatures are crazy gruesome, and downright terrifying sometimes.

The Bad –
I can’t think of anything “bad” about this book. Normally when this happens I’d complain about the price or something, but it’s a $2.99 book so that’s hardly a valid reason to complain. The bad thing about this book is that there is nothing bad about it at all and therefore I’m stuck having to make something up. Here goes… This book borrowed my copy of Iron Maiden’s Greatest Hits and NEVER gave it back. I tried dropping hints when we hung out at the bowling alley the other day: playing “Run To The Hills” on the jukebox 17 times, casually dropping the name Eddie as much as I could during conversation, I even wore my Iron Maiden t-shirt. NOTHING. The Devilers #3 didn’t even so much as give me a, “OH! I just remembered I still have your Iron Maiden Greatest Hits CD!” No acknowledgement whatsoever. THAT’S bad.

The Final Say –
The Devilers is a good series, and it’s shaping up to be a great one. If you dig battle-of-Heaven-and-Hell kind of comics, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I recommend picking this up if your local shop has it, and grab the first two issues while you’re at it. I’m giving this issue a 3 out of 4. It would have been a 4 out of 4, but I really miss that CD…

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