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4LN Comic Review – Thor #1 (2014)

Book: Thor #1
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman
Color Artist: Matthew Wilson

Summary from Comixology: “Who is the new and mysterious woman wielding the Hammer of Mjolnir? Let she who is worthy possess the power of the Mighty Thunderer! Introducing a Thor that the Marvel Universe has ner’ encountered before. But is this new Thor Asgardian, or from Midgard?”

Overview –
This is a moment many of us have been waiting on for MONTHS. The first issue of the new Thor series starring a female taking up the mantle of “God of Thunder”, or “Goddess”, as it were. When the news was first announced the comic book community went into civil war (I admit, I slung a few handfulls of mud myself, here). If you supported this abomination then you were a traitor, and if you opposed it you were a bigot. I mean, that’s what it seemed like from both sides of the battle anyway. But here’s the thing, the only battles that take place in the comics community should be in the books we read and not between fans. If you aren’t interested in a new approach to a character, fine. You should definitely avoid this book. If you’re excited about this new direction of Thor, please remember that this is just the first issue and there is a lot of story to unfold. You people who get irritatingly excited about things have a tendency to give up on said things real quick if you don’t get what you were expecting.

The Good –
Everything about this drips with Jason Aaron (I mean that figuratively because, well…gross. No offense Jason). The pitiful depression of Thor, the tough love of Odin, the mischievous cruelty of Malekith, and the instances of holy-crap-that-just-happened-and-there’s-NO-coming-back-from-it! (That last one is not exclusive to Aaron, but he’s starting to perfect it.)
I can safely say that I still felt the same feelings of urgency and surprise that I felt when reading any number of issues of Thor: God of Thunder. There were more than a couple moments that took my breath away and made me say “OH MY GOD”.

The art here fits very well. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a Thor title without Esad Ribic. His artwork was an equal part to Aaron’s writing in making T:GoT so captivating. Russell Dauterman is great though. He captures the world of Thor with more of a modernized take on retro comic art. The perceived “modernization” though, could be due to color artist Matt Wilson’s amazing ability to make the pages burst with beautiful colors. Nothing ever feels too pale or too dark. It’s all just right. This is a great team that has assembled to inject a new energy and excitement into Thor.

The Bad –
I can’t say I found anything bad in this issue. There were a couple of panels where the art didn’t quite land right with me, but a difference in personal taste doesn’t mean the art is flawed in some way. I think I can foresee many T:GoT fans being upset that this issue didn’t answer any questions that were left hanging at the end of that series, but allow me to remind you… This is a new series. Questions aren’t going to be answered in issue #1. Not many anyway. If you can deal with that, you should be fine.

The Final Say –
I’m a big Jason Aaron fan. I love pretty much everything he does, and Thor: God of Thunder was no exception. I was on that series from the very beginning. I added it to my pulbox list as soon as I found out about it and I never missed an issue. I picked up as many variant covers as I could get my hands on, and I even have a Jason Aaron autographed copy of issue #1. I’m gonna be at least a little partial, and maybe even biased, towards the guy’s work. But this issue is really good. I’m giving it a 4 out of 4. Change isn’t always bad. Sometimes it brings us to things we didn’t even know we liked. For instance, now, instead of listening to Amon Amarth or Mastodon when I read Thor comics, I’ll be listening to Witch Mountain and Christian Misstresses. Both of which are doom/southern/sludge metal bands fronted by women. It’s not just man’s game anymore. There’s plenty of ladies out there capable of picking up a microphone or an enchanted sledgehammer and giving dudes a thunderous crack to the jaw. Just let it happen fellas. You might like it…

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