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4LN Comic Review: Wonder Woman #38

Series: Wonder Woman
Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: David Finch
Inks: Batt, Danny Miki and Sonia Oback



Summary from Comixology: “With her people against her, Wonder Woman has left Paradise Island more uncertain of her intentions than ever before! And with only the mantle of God of War to turn to, she’s challenged to give that up!”

This book was absolutely brutal at times. It started brutal and it ended brutal. The entire issue was a great read. There wasn’t a single moment when I was bored or wanting the issue to hurry up and come to a conclusion. I actually wanted the book to last longer, and that doesn’t happen often. Seeing Wonder Woman dealing with the challenge of becoming Ares really added something extra to the book. Will Wonder Woman keep her humanity while being the God of War? Only time will tell…

As I mentioned in the overview, the book was really brutal, and I loved that. Just by looking at the cover, I couldn’t wait to get home and jump into the issue. Seeing the Amazons fighting the three headed beast was absolutely amazing. This is the kind of book that David Finch can really shine on. It’s a good mix between fantasy and reality and I think his work complements that perfectly. I also love the direction that Meredith Finch is taking the story,we get to see Wonder Woman juggling three very difficult roles: 1) Being the Queen of Themyscira, 2) Being in the Justice League, and 3) Being Ares, God of War. Meredith does a wonderful job showing the three very different, and very important, sides of Diana. (Also, this cover is my favorite cover of the month of January.) ww2


I’m going to do something that I don’t personally do very often. There wasn’t anything wrong with this book. And adding Donna Troy to the story would eliminate any thing I found wrong with the book anyway.

The Final Say:
Go buy this book now! If you didn’t pick it up yesterday, go get it today after/before work. You will not regret jumping on this book. This is the third issue from the new creative team so head out and get issues #36, 37 and 38 ASAP. This book is a 5 out of 5 and you will not regret picking it up. Meredith and David Finch are making sure that Wonder Woman stays in good hands, and the story is building to be as epic as the previous run.

Music Paring:
Just from the cover alone, I had to put on Death Is Only Mortal by The Acacia Strain. The first track, Doomblade (A Magic; The Gathering reference) starts with a woman calling the police and admitting to murdering 3 people. And it’s extremely creepy but fits almost perfectly with the first 8 pages of the book. And then in traditional Acacia Strain style it gets extremely heavy, extremely fast. The book is a good fit for one of the heaviest and negative Deathcore.

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