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4LN Gets Drenched, Challenges Outright Geekery

You all may have heard about the Cold Water Challenge that’s been going around Facebook. I have no idea how it started but basically it’s a social contract that someone imposes on you and you have to get ice cold water dumped on you and you have to donate money to whatever charity they choose. I’m kind of a dick so I initially responded to the idea of it like Mr. Pink responds to tipping.

So, 3 of the guys in our crew each got individually challenged and Bill ended up challenging Cam and I. We’ll be donating to the Literacy Council of Sumner County, and we also get the chance to challenge people in return. We’ve decided to challenge our good buddies, the crew from Outright Geekery! For those of you that don’t know them, OG is another nerd/geek website based here in Middle Tennessee just like us. You should check out their site because they have some really great articles.

OG, we challenge you guys to the Cold Water Challenge, wherein you must make a video of you all having ice cold water dumped on your heads, and we also challenge each of you who participate to also donate $10 each to the Literacy Council of Sumner County. You’re up!

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Stephen has spent most of his life reading comics, watching horror movies, listening to death metal music, and speaking in the third person. His favorite comic book character is The Punisher, and he believes that the Punisher: War Zone movie is criminally underrated. His favorite film of all-time is National Lampoon's Vacation, and his favorite album is Pantera's "The Great Southern Trendkill".

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