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4LN Kickstarter Spotlight: Our Friend Satan

Our Friend Satan is a hilarious new independent graphic novel, created by the team of DOMINIK L. MARZEC, LUKAS LALKO, & MICHAEL MURAWSKI.

It’s the story of Satan, but with a pretty hilarious twist. It asks the question, “What if Satan wasn’t just some terrifying horned monster, but instead was more of a middle-aged, middle-management type of guy?”


The project was initially intended to be a film first, but the creators realized that they could write a graphic novel to first expose people to the world they’ve crafted, and then they plan on going to make the movie next.

After reading the first 17 pages I was hooked because it’s really funny. Seeing Satan as a frustrated older man in his bathrobe, boxers & slippers is such a hilariously clever way of portraying the Dark Lord. The beginning of the story concludes with Satan threatening to sue the Catholic church for defamation. I laughed so hard, and I’m definitely excited to see how the story develops.

If you’s like to know more about the project you can go here: Our Friend Satan Kickstarter Page

And, if you’d like to read the first 17 pages of the story you can go here: Our Friend Satan Official Website

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