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4LN Music Review: Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End

We don’t often cover music here at 4 Letter Nerd. It’s not that we don’t care about it. On the contrary, we all love music very much and almost all of us have even been in bands, or performed in some capacity. It’s just that music doesn’t always connect to our blog specific topic of nerd-culture in a direct way. We’ve had many discussions about it and will continue to, but I can assure that whenever something, even music, does directly relate to nerd-culture, we will post about it. Which brings me to the nature of this post… an album review. Back when Weird Al’s new album came out, I wrote a review because, let’s face it, there really isn’t a performer or band that better represents nerd-culture in music. But these dudes come pretty damn close…

I really didn’t pay attention to Weezer until the Green Album. I had heard “Buddy Holly”, “Say It Ain’t So” & “Undone – The Sweater Song”, but I hadn’t heard the entire Blue Album and I didn’t even know about Pinkerton at all. After “Hash Pipe” came out though, I was sold. As I went back and looked at their stuff, I realized that while they weren’t the first nerdy outcasts to make a band and hit it big, they were the first to not stop being nerdy just because of the fame. Most bands toss who they were out the window when they hear their first single on the radio. Not these fellas. They’ve just kept on being the same nice, nerdy guys they’ve always been.

Throughout the years I’ve liked some of their songs here and there, but most of their albums since the Green Album have only had 2, maybe 3, songs that I really love. But now, that’s changed. I absolutely love Everything Will Be Alright In The End. I’ve listened to the album from beginning to end about 6 times and I just can’t get enough. It’s poppy. It’s a little aggressive at times. It just… rocks. Really well. There are even some moments where I thought to myself, “Holy s–t, hat sounds like Queen…?”. For me, one of the stand-out tracks is “Da Vinci”. It captures Weezers ability to be fun and quirky, while also showcasing their undeniable ability to jam really hard. I must say, the godfathers of nerd-rock have delivered quite the impressive collection of songs here. I tried to put together a playlst of my favorite Weezer songs, and when I got to Everything Will Be Alright In The End, I had a really hard time deciding which songs to add and which ones to leave off. I genuinely love them all! I highly recommend you listen to this album if you have a chance.

Now, I’d like to toss it over to a couple of my 4LN brothers to share they’re thoughts. Bill is a part of our main team, and he and I talk music all the time. Very often actually. Its having a negative impact our relationships with our respective significant other’s. Jeff is what we like to call “Our Resident Game of Thrones Expert:”. He and I have also been friends for several years and had countless conversations about music. I reached out to these two guys to see if they had any thoughts to share on the album and they did!

Bill –
Weezer’s first album came out in 1994, and I was not jamming it, because I was born in 1993. But, I have an older brother and by the time I was 8-10 he was really into Weezer so I too was into the band. It’s hard to believe they are a 20 year old band and still making music that is very similar to their original sound, but yet it’s evolved in such an interesting way.

I really liked this album. There wasn’t a bad track on the album, but tons of tracks I really digged. Lonely Girl, Go Away, and The British Are Coming just to name a few. From the first chord, to the last hook, this album had me nodding my head and singing along, even when I didn’t exactly know the words. This is a great album for a rainy day drive. It’s just upbeat enough to keep you going, but at times it’s sad enough to get you thinking about life. Weezer out did themselves once again!

Jeff Merrick –
Weezer’s Blue Album was one of the top albums of the grunge/alternative rock movement of the 1990’s. There are very few albums today that I can recite word for word every song from track one to track ten like I could (and still can) the Blue Album. And while Weezer has made some fantastic music since Blue, none of it compared to the grunge/beach music/indie rock/punk pop mix that defined their ten-track masterpiece in 1994.

As such a fan of that album, I recognize Everything Will Be Alright in the End as a tribute to the bands brilliant debut. The grunge influenced distortion that defined Blue can be heard anchoring every track throughout the album. “Back to the Shack,” the debut single from the album, starts the album saying it’s time to “rock it out like it’s 94,” and the band does just that with every track that follows. And while some 90s band choose to run away from the gritty sound that made them popular in the last decade of the previous millennium (I’m looking at you Better Than Ezra), it’s refreshing to see at least one of those groups acknowledge the sound that initially made them what they are today.

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