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5 Techy Black Friday Deals That You Can’t Pass Up

PS3 Holiday Bundle  $199 – Available At Most Retailers


The PS3 holiday bundle is at the top of the Black Friday list for me because I missed out on the past generation of game consoles. For $200 you get a 250GB PS3 with two of the year’s top games: The Last Of Us and Batman Arkham Origins. If you’ve missed out like me, or just have stuck with your Xbox over the years, you should definitely pick this up.


Gamestop Buy 2 Get 1 Free Preowned


Gamestop has a killer deal that is too good to pass up if you’re a gamer. Buy ANY 2 preowned products and get another free. This includes games, accessories, consoles, electronics and any other preowned product in the store. Like my above mention of missing out on the past generation of consoles, I plan on racking up on some of the classic games for cheap too.


iPad Mini $299 (with $75 Gift Card From Target) – Available At Most Retailers


If you don’t have a tablet or are needing an upgrade, you should consider picking up the iPad mini. There is nothing bad to say about this at all and you can’t find a better tablet in my opinion (sorry Nexus lovers). The great thing is if you buy this from Target you get a $75 gift card. The full size iPad is also on sale for $399, with a $30 Taget gift card included as well.


RCA 200 Watt Surround Sound System $80 – Available At Best Buy


While surround sound is definitely not the sexiest Black Friday deal, you would be crazy to pass this up if you’re looking to add surround sound in your home. You can generally find 100 watt systems on eBay or Amazon for around $100 to $120, but you can get this 200 watt set for $80.


Element 50” LED TV $229 – Available At Target


This may be considered the hottest deal by many for this years Black Friday. A 50 inch LED HDTV for $229. As far as deals on a TV, I highly doubt you’ll ever find one as good as this. The biggest question I have about this is: How many people are going to get knocked out in fights while trying to grab this from Target stores across the country?


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