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Aquaman #25


Title: Aquaman #25
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciler: Paul Pelletier

Aquaman 25

(I picked up the Variant issue of this book today, and couldn’t be happier with it)

Today is a pretty “special” day in comic books, or maybe I’m just saying that because Aquaman is my favorite superhero. But, today concludes Geoff Johns run on Aquaman. He has been at the helm of the Arthur Curry story since DC re-launched their titles in 2011. It’s been great seeing my favorite comic character swim from last place into first in sales, popularity and all around badassness. It has been a great run with Mr. Johns on Aquaman. I remember being extremely sad when Johns left Green Lantern but I thought to myself and talked with Stephen Andrew about it, and we both kind of came to the conclusion, at least Geoff is still on Aquaman. Well, today Geoff Johns left Arthur and Mera with issue #25.

Aquaman #25 is the final conclusion to the Death Of A King arc that started with issue number 18 that came out in March of this year. All the Aquaman arcs and the Justice League cross-over have been great stories. But on the cover of issue 25 it reads “The Epic Finale of Death Of A King,” and I honestly can’t think of any other word to use besides “epic.” This story really had everything you could want in it, some beautiful splashes by artist Paul Pelletier, some very detailed fight scenes, a love story for those of us that really enjoy the interactions between Arthur and Mera, we also have some drama that continues with Vulko and Aquaman, and the main villain, The Dead King really seems to come off as a real threat, But in the end Aquaman is able to out think him and use The Dead Kings scepter that was used to sink Atlantis and finally end the Dead Kings Reign.

Well, lets take a look at the good that this comic has.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1.49.58 PM

As I have stated earlier, the art is just extremely clean and just beautiful. I really look forward to seeing Paul Pelletier working on other titles. The more I read Aquaman, the more I really love his art. I feel it is also important to say that inker Sean Parsons and colorist Rod Reis do a phenomenal job! Besides the art, I think Geoff Johns has really outdone himself on this one. Nowhere in this issue did I feel that the story was dragging on or hitting its climax five pages in, I really kept thinking nothing more bad ass could happen. And can I just say I am loving the beard? Seeing Aquaman with the beard, I keep hoping he’ll lose his hand and the Peter David era Aquman will return. But I think we’ll have to keep waiting.

Now its time for my least favorite part of this article, the bad that is in this comic. I really don’t like finding flaws in comics because for me critiquing what I love takes the joy out of it. BUT luckily for me, I really couldn’t find anything wrong with this comic. Maybe I’m biased or maybe its just that good. Ok, it’s just that good! In all honesty there is nothing wrong with this book, except Aquaman shaves his beard at the end. So much for the renaissance of a Peter David era. But besides that, I really loved it from page to page. And the Epilogue is awesome, let’s just remember that Geoff Johns isn’t COMPLETELY done writing Aquaman… After all, Aquaman is in The Justice League.

Over all, I am about to do something for the first time. I’m giving this comic 10 out of 10 stars, or on a simpler scale, this issue gets 4 out of 4 from FourLetterNerd. Thanks for the great ride on Aquaman Geoff Johns.

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