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Boba Fett: The Movie

Well it looks like its finally happening. After many years of waiting, the Star Wars spin-offs are here, and first up is the most feared galactic bounty hunters, Boba Fett. It’s funny that one of the characters with the smallest amount of screen time is the first to receive his own film, but I suppose that’s what happens when you become a cult classic and fan favorite!

Source: Boba Fett Movie: ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Confirmed, In Pre-Production

The plot of the movie as well as actors have not been released, but the rumor is that this will not be an origin film, but more of a coming of age’s story on how Boba became the most feared and famous bounty hunter in the Galaxy. An origins story for Boba would seem a bit redundant, as that’s already been covered in Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. (I hope that with this movie being created, we can see the return of the first “Mature” rated Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313, which was a story about a young bounty hunter on the planet Coruscant.) Could it be that Star Wars 1313 was canceled because Disney thought it might be a better idea as a film rather than a videogame? None of this is confirmed but it’s beginning to look plausible.

I for one am a huge Boba Fett fan and would LOVE to see a film based on one of my personal favorites. With Disney owning Star Wars it leaves me in high hopes that the spin off will be a success and a lot of fun. Come back to Four Letter Nerd for all your Star Wars and Comic Book News Updates!


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