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4LN Podcast, Episode 4: Do The Big 2 Just Not Cut It Anymore?

This week we discuss the differences in tone of story & content between The Big 2 and independent/creator-owned comics. Specifically, I share why, for the most part, I just can’t get emotionally invested in Marvel and DC comics anymore, and how that’s helped me fall more in love with lower-profile series’. How about you? Do the superhero stories of characters like Batman and Captain America just not do it for you? Let us know in the comments!

4LN Podcast, Episode 2- Nashville Horror Film

On our second episode of the 4LN Podcast, we sat down with Larry Underwood and Cameron McCasland to talk about their new short film “The Beast in the Cave”, an adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story, as well as some other projects they’ve got out and on the horizon. Check it out!

Also, here are some links that we mentioned in the podcast!

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