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I recently picked up a comic called “The Illegitimates”, written by Taran Killam. Killam is an actor/comedian and , as you may know, is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Coincidentally, the dude writes one hell of a funny comic. The premise for the book is a James Bond-type super-spy is murdered by his arch-nemesis and now the U.S. and British military’s must enlist his bastard children, who each possess certain valuable qualities that he had, to help track down the man responsible. It’s published by IDW Publishing and it’s an amazing comic. Issue 2 just came out this week so you should run out to your local comic shop and pick them both up.


After I read it, I got to thinking, “How many other celebrity-written comics do I have?” I started looking through my boxes, trades and graphic novels and realized that I have more than I thought. Then I did some research and found out about lots more. I figured I’d share my discoveries with you fine people in the event that you might be interested in knowing just who in Hollywood has written comics…


Brian Poshen – Comedian/Actor

Where you know him from: Just Shoot Me, The Sarah Silverman Program, The 5 Year Engagement.

What he’s written: He currently writes with Gerry Duggan on the MarvelNOW run of Deadpool (which is f—ing HILARIOUS), The Last Christmas (again with Duggan and also with Rick Reminder).

What you need to check out: The dude’s stand-up is great. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live and he’s always ridiculously funny. He’s newest comedy special, The Fartist, is on Netflex. Find it, and watch it.


Kevin Smth – Film Maker

Where you know him from: Among many other great films, he made Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Red State (all available to stream on Netflix). He’s Silent Bob. You know, from all those movies and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. He also owns the Secret Stash comic book store and produces Comic Book Men (which is also on the great Flix of Net).

What he’s written: A lot actually. The best example of his comic writing (in my opinion) is Batman: Cacophony and the follow-up Batman: The Widening Gyre. He also wrote a great Daredevil run, as well as Green Arrow, The Bionic Man, Spider-Man & The Black Cat, and the Green Hornet.

What you need to check out: If you’ve never seen any of his Q&A/One-man show videos, you should check out “Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell” and “Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under” (both available on… you guessed it! Netflix!).


Patton Oswalt – Comedian/Actor

Where you know him from: The King of Queens, he voiced Remy (the rat) in Ratatouille, Justified, and he is currently the “Narrator” for ABC’s new comedy “The Goldbergs (which is actually REALLY funny).

What he’s written: The Goon: Noir, JLA: Welcome to the Working Week, and Serenity (which is a comic series of the too-short-lived Joss Whedon created TV show of the same name).

What you need to check out: The Comedians of Comedy, Nature Calls, and Young Adult. All on Netflix. All guaranteed to show different sides of Patton’s acting and comedic performance greatness. Also, this…


Bill Hader and Seth Meyers – Actors/Writers/Comedians

Where you know them from: Both are cast members and writers on Saturday Night Live. Seth, along with Cecily Strong, is an anchor of Weekend Update. Bill was the voice of Flint, the main character in both Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films. He also currently stars in the indie flick The Skeleton Twins, alongside Kristen Wiig.

What they wrote: SPIDER-MAN! The dudes wrote a great Spidey story called “The Short Halloween”. Coming from someone who isn’t a big fan of the wall-crawler, this is a great story.

What you need to check out: Bill is absolutely hilarious in Hot Rod and Adventureland (both on Netflix, of course) and Seth will be taking over hosting duties on Late Night when Jimmy Fallon exits to take over the Tonight Show.


Well there ya have it folks. Some great celebrity-written comic books. If you’ve never read any of these, why not head down to your local comic shop and see if they have any of them for you. I bet they’ll be glad to see you!

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