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Comic Book Review: All-New X-Factor #10



Book: All-New X-Factor
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine Di Giandimenico
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Summary from comixology: “X-Factor brings big trouble to Serval Industries…heavily-armed trouble. Gambit’s indiscretion is found out. Nobody is happy.”

This is easily one of my favorite X related books out right now. I’m also reading All New X-Men but I go back and forth on if I like that book or not, this book though, every time it’s in my pull box I’m extremely excited. This is one of the few books that I am stoked to sit down and read. 10 issues in and the story is still great and fresh.

The Good:
It’s really good to have Peter David back on an X-book, there isn’t really much that I don’t like about this book. One of my favorite things about this book isn’t even comic book related, in every issue on the “Previously Before” page, Peter includes a little insight on what’s going on in his personal life, and it’s always fun to find out whats going on. The X-Team is ran by a corporation, Serval Industries, and consists of: Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver, Danger, Cypher, and Warlock. Not the biggest hitters but the chemestry between the characters is wonderful. Also Di Giandomenico’s art is amazing, besides Esad Ribic, this book has my favorite art in any other Marvel book right now.

The Bad:
In Stephens latest comic review, Guardians of The Galaxy: Most Wanted, he found NO positive things from that book. This is the reciprocal of Stephens review. I found nothing bad with this book, it was all around awesome.

The Final Say:
We are a couple issues into this new story arc so I would recommend jumping in on issue 8, but you will love this book. I give this book a solid 4 out of 4. It had everything you could want: Family drama, suspense, and Gambit getting royally screwed over. And how can you NOT love that? Go buy this book.



( And no… Serval Industries did not pay me to give the book a 4 out of 4… )


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