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Comic Book Review: Red Lanterns #32



Book: Red Lanterns #32
Writer: Charles Soul
Artist: J. Calafiore
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb

Summary from Comixology: “Guy Gardner has a difficult decision to make: deciding if the newest Red Lantern, Supergirl, is fit for battle…especially when that battle is against Atrocitus himself.”

If you have read my reviews, or any other aticles by me, you’ll know that I am a pretty big Lanterns fan. Of course the Green Lanterns are my favorite, and no matter what Stephen says, Kyle Rayner is the superior Green Lantern. But, the rest of the color and emotional spectrum has some fun characters: The greedy Larfleeze, the evil Sinestro, and the angry Red Lanterns. The reds are my second favorite lanterns, and, this book just proves how bad ass they are.

The Good:
Guy Gardner is undercover working with the Red Lanterns. He’s still part of the Green Lanterns but he’s on an undercover cop mission for Hal. Imagine a cop going undercover with a Bikers Gang. That’s what this book is like. Charles Soule has been writing the book since issue 21 (great jumping on point) and for me, he has turned into THE Red Lanterns writer. I wouldn’t mind him staying on the book for a few years. J. Calafiore has some amazing art that is really blowing me away. He can really catch the rage and anger in characters without it looking overdone and “over acted.” It will also be interesting seeing where Supergirl ends up at, she’s easily becoming one of my favorite Red Lanterns.


The Bad:
I read this book twice and searched for something wrong in it. I really couldn’t find anything flawed. Soule and Calafiore are really on top of their game and colorist Gabe Eltaeb does a great job with making this book visually appealing.

The Final Say:
You should really go pick up this book. It’s a fairly good jumping on point and a beginning of a 4 issue story acr, that really seems promising. Soule writes a great book and the art is top notch. Also, the cover was one of my favorites of the week (6/25/14). This was a solid book with a solid score of 4 out of 4. You should be reading this book!

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