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Comic Book Review: Teen Titans #1

Book: Teen Titans #1
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colorists: Dan Brown
Summary from comixology:”Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy offer bold, exciting, and sometime dangerous ideas on how to protect a world full of superpowered teenagers–and the world may just be eager to listen to these all-new teen celebrities.”

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to think about this book. There was some hype for it online and I love team up books. I can’t honestly tell you how many team up books are in my pull. I think this book will end up being added to my pull. It had three things that I really loved in it: I liked Red Robin/Wonder Girl team leader dynamic, I was really impressed with the art, and I liked having a gay character in a DC book (Bunker).

The Good:
I really enjoyed the art in this book. I thought Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown made a really good team, they made this book very visually appealing. As I said I really enjoyed having a gay character back in a DC book (yes I know, Alan Scott and Kate Kane are in books, but so far there isn’t any controversy around Bunker yet) and I think Bunker will offer a lot to this team.

The Bad:
I didn’t really understand the plot in this comic. I don’t know why the bad guys were driving a school bus through downtown, and I’m not sure why S.T.A.R. Labs was apart of this book. I also felt lost with some of the dialogue and why certain characters were saying certain things. There is some dialogue between Bunker and a character that he saved in the incident, but I’m not really sure how this person was saved. I never saw him in any of the panels and he just appeared.

The Final Say:
This wasn’t the best #1 comic I have read. It felt a little lost and/or rushed. I think this book has some solid potential, but I don’t know if that potential will be found with Will Pfeifer as writer. Over all I give this book a 2 out of 4. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. If you are new to comics and looking for a new read, this might be the book for you. But if you really are invested in the characters, you might not like the direction of this book. If you read this book, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • I loved the art; the story was good for an opener that was meant to simply be an action-packed start to a comic book; I agree the personal dynamics between the characters were very well done and thought out, with Pfeifer really having a grasp of the heroes he’s using, but maybe not a firm enough grasp on the overall story he wants to tell (but there’s time for that.

    My biggest problem is the TT indiscriminately killing badguys seemingly without a care in the world about it. Oh how far Red Robin has fallen since leaving the tutelage of Batman.

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