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(Todays nerdy guest is one of our friends Patrick Delaney)

Let me start off by stating that I do not condone the illegal downloading and/or sharing of comic books or graphic novels. The comic industry is still a struggling business and it’s creators, writers, artists, letterers, inkers (tracers), and local shop owners need and deserve your business. If you appreciate the art someone is putting out do the right thing and drop some coin.

That being said, before I lived in a town with a reliable place to purchase my books I may have dabbled in the .cbr world of scanned comics. I have since tried my best to purchase all of which I’ve obtained either physically or digitally. But every now and then I will want to read an old favorite and might not want to sift through my 20+ long boxes or carry around a heavy omnibus. This means trying to find a new comic reader o that I may enjoy this literary gem in a means that won’t crash or distort the art and letters every time I try to zoom in on a single panel.

After trying a ton of free comic readers on the Android market I decided to cough up the $2.99 and give Comicat a try.

Taken from the Comicat page :

ComiCat is a fast and slick comic reader and catalog manager. You can manage and read your comic collection right on your Android. You have lots of options to make the most of your reading experience. Native code base written and optimized for android devices. Extremely fast and stable with no battery drain. With Facebook integration, you can let friends know what you’re reading and how you like it. ComiCat comes with lifelong free updates that bring in new exciting features and usability enhancements.

– Support for all popular comic formats like CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT etc.
– Feature rich yet easy to use.
– Auto scanning of your device to build your catalog in seconds. – Multiple catalog views, sorting options and search for easy access to your comics.
– Virtual bookshelf look with multiple themes.
– Password protection.
– Reading list management.
– Performance and experience tweaking options.
– Fast viewing of comics through efficient caching.
– Multiple view modes, pinch to zoom and orientation options.
– Right to left and left to right reading order for Manga fans.
– Gestures for page turn, fast forward, fast reverse and almost all navigation needs.
– Auto split two page scans and auto crop margin.
– Bookmarks, auto remember reading location and comic reading status indicators.
– Single button sync of your comics from your Dropbox account.
– Parental control with password protected hidden folders.
– Image enhancer that auto adjusts brightness, contrast and saturation of comic pages. Works great on old comic scans, removes paleness and makes them more vibrant.
– Efficient caching for best performance without going out of memory.
– Works well with Jellybean’s multi user changes.

For now Comicat is only available on the Android market. I have read that there might be a version moving to iOS, but no dates have been given. Comicat is killer app you should toss on to your phone and tablet.

Check it out here:

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