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DC 1st Issues Free from Amazon

For those of you who might be interested, Amazon has several #1 issues of some DC Comics titles available digitally FOR FREE. The issues are available for free until December 02. This is a great deal for anyone with a Kindle Fire or the Kindle app on any android tablet or iOS device. Just follow the link:

DC Comics Digital First Single Issues


If I may, I highly recommend a couple of these…


For comic lovers:

Legends of the Dark Knight (2012- ) #1

Written by Damon Lindelof, who you’ll know as they guy who ruined LOST and Prometheus for you, but the dude is an incredible writter and his comic work is always dark with VERY subtle humor.


For casual readers:

Adventures of Superman (2013- ) #1

This a great I-don’t-read-a-lot-of-comics-but-what-the-hell kind of book. It’s a modernized version of the classic Superman we all know and love.


For the little comic lovers:

Batman: Li’l Gotham #1

Your kids will dig the miniaturized version of the Dark Knight, the Boy Wonder and the various, nefarious villains they battle.


For the teenage girl in your house who hates comics and thinks you’re an idiot for reading about superheroes who can grow into enormous, green monsters and fly by way of 2 ton hammer, but for some reason doesn’t see the ridiculousness of a television show about young vampires in the South Atlantic region of America:

The Vampire Diaries #1

I don’t need to explain this one…


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