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Dragon Con 2015 Parade

Dragon Con is the one of the most attended conventions of its kind in the country. Taking place every year on Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, over 60,000 people attend the four day festival, turning the streets of the southern city into a giant costume ball with convention goers walking the streets at all hours dressed up as their favorite characters from various fantasy genres.

I had the privilege of being in Atlanta Saturday morning to witness the parade featuring various groups who get to showcase the hobby they put so much time and dedication into. Here’s some photos:




Luke Skywalker and the cutest Yoda ever



An Army of Deadpools




Nightcrawler of the Block Heroes


Pinocchio with some inspiring words






Random Pirates (not to be confused with Pirates of the Caribbean pirates)

Three Hundred

The 300 Contingent (My wife’s personal favorite)


The Classic Batmobile….

Classic B and R


….with the classic Batman and Robin.


Peter Hamilton


Author Peter Hamilton




Sharknado with Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the Background

Queen Amidala


Queen Amidala




Two Wolverines


Two generations of Wolverine





Star Trek Star


Nichel Nichols aka Lieutenant Uhara from Star Trek

Never will you attend an event and see a group more willing to interact with the crowd than the participants of the Dragon Con parade. For anyone into Cosplay or any form of nerd culture, I encourage you to make at least one attempt to see this collection of people putting their full effort into the things they are so passionate about.


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