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E3 2016: Day Zero

E3 has finally kicked off! To me E3 is a 3 day vacation of gaming that includes new games, projects, and console releases from the top companies. E3 stands for “Electronics Entertainment Expo”, and it is where developers in the industry come to show off their current projects and what is to come in the next year or two. That being said, let’s hop right into day 0’s two conferences!

Electronic Arts(EA) Conference:

EA was the first company to start the week off and it wasn’t that impressive to this writer. EA showed off 7 of their new games in an hour show so lets break it down!

Titanfall 2 was the first game showcased. It is the sequel to the first game that came out 2 years ago and this year they are trying to blow the new one out of the water. They first announced that it will have a single player campaign that everyone has been demanding for and I cannot wait to play it. Multiplayer for the game had several new announcements including 6 new titans, customizable titans, and more customization for the character. Titanfall 2’s release date is October 28th and for the first time it will be available to all next gen devices (PC, Xbox One, and PS4).

Madden 17 was the next game showcased and it lasted all of maybe 3 minutes. The only news we got about it was that it was getting a new commentary team and balanced gameplay. I mean, hey, it is a new Madden game. They are all the same to me except for new people to play as.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the next game they presented and although it is still in its early development stages they still showed us behind the scenes and even a small trailer for it. This game takes place after the Mass Effect trilogy and it follows new characters and promises a bigger adventure than the last games. The coolest thing to me about this was that they said it was going to run on a Frostbite engine which is one of the most powerful and fluid gaming engines in the world. So we at least know that the graphics and gameplay will be amazing!

Fifa 17 was the next one announced and it did not disappoint. Now I am going to state for the record I am not a big Fifa player but this game did look really fun to play. This year Fifa will also have a Frostbite engine, a campaign mode following Alex Hunter (an aspiring futbol player), and sideline managers. The game has a September release date and it looks to be a great new installment for the series.

EA announced this year that they are working with a bunch of independent developers and that the next coming months to years will be cranking out some new titles called EA Originals. The independent game they showcased was the game Fe. It is a audio inspired game where you play a creature who is dropped off into the world trying to find its place in the forest. There is no clear objective to this game except that you are trying to learn the songs of the forest and its inhabitants. The antagonist are the silent ones and are trying to steal the music from the forest.

EA announced new downloadable content for Star Wars: Battlefront which would include new planets, more environments, and new characters including Lando Carlissian! They also announced that they are working on several Star Wars related games that are set to release 2018 onward.

The last game they brought was the highly anticipated Battlefield 1. Personally, this was by far my favorite game of the conference just because I have been a Battlefield fan for years now. What’s different about this one is that the time period is during WWI and it includes tanks, airships, and weapons from that era of warfare. You can control a blimp airship that rains down artillery from the sky doing untold damage to the battlefield below. There are 2 new features that they are bringing to this game and the first one is climate changing maps. What I mean by that is, now the maps could change from sunny, raining, or foggy at any moment during the fight. The second feature is that you can now have a 64 player multiplayer battle. 32 versus 32. Which sounds completely exciting to me especially because the Battlefield Company never seems to disappoint when it comes to its multiplayer.

Overall I give the EA conference a 5/10 for an hour they didn’t really excite except for Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1. They had a lot of “filler” time with talk about competitive sports gaming that even the crowd at the show didn’t even applaud for.


Bethesda Conference:

Bethesda was the second and last show for the day and it was the biggest! This year was the 2nd year for them to come out for E3. Last year they released Fallout 4 which stole the whole week away from everyone else. This year they had to try and beat that and they did not disappoint.

Quake: Champions was the game they started off with. It is a competitive arena style 1st person shooter for the PC. They didn’t announce a whole lot for this game but they did show a pretty cool trailer for it.

Elder Scrolls Legends: Card Game is game that will be free to play later this year that you can play on the computer and all iOS devices. It is a card game based on the Elder Scrolls series that has a campaign mode and an arena mode.

They had a video of what was coming for Fallout 4 which includes a new contraptions workshop and a new area where you can build your own vault which is set to come out July 2016. I know for Bill and I this was extremely exciting news. They also announced Nuka Cola World for august of this year as well.

The biggest news of the conference was that they announced Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim REMASTERED!! This is what I was hoping for the most and Bill and I were screaming in excitement when they showed the trailer for it and it is set to come out October 28th, 2016.

Prey was next and it is a psychological thriller that takes place in the year 2032 and, although they didn’t give us a lot of information on it, the release date is set for some time next year.

They showcased some more things for Doom even though it came out last month. They promised more downloadable content (DLC) including 3 new multiplayer maps, a new demon, and a new gun. They also said that you can play a free trial for this game on all consoles and PC until the end of this week so people can experience Doom first hand.

Elder Scrolls Online is Bethesda’s MMORPG that came out last year and this year they show cased the new DLC which comes out on Tuesday June 14. They also announced that all levels will be the same so when you want to team up and fight dungeons together you can play with your friends without having to wait and level up.

Dishonored 2 was the last game of the conference and it’s going to be a lot of fun! This time you can play as Emily as well as Corvo. It takes place several years after the 1st game and Emily is now the empress of the land. If you were a fan of the first Dishonored then you are going to love this game because it has a lot of the same elements that the first one had. This game is set to release November 11th 2016.

Bethesda stole the day with their conference and I give it a solid 7/10.

That concluded day 0! Make sure you come back to see all of the other conference news that we will be posting as the days past. Monday we’ll be seeing presentations from Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony (and those never disappoint) so check back with us here at 4LN throughout the week for all the details on new announcements.


(Editor’s Note: This article was written by Tyler Haines.)

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