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E3 2016: Days 1-2

E3 day one was nothing less than greatness. It started out with Microsoft then Ubisoft and finally Sony at the end of the night. That being said, it is a known challenge between all of the companies to have the greatest conference in the eyes of the fans. This year Sony has easily taken that title. To see how that happened lets start with the first conference of the day.


Microsoft’s Conference:

Microsoft never disappoints when it comes to a spectacular show and this year they used lighting and 3 different stages to get their points across. They started it out this year with the official unveiling (because it was leaked a day before hand) of the Xbox One S. The new console is white, 40% smaller than the Xbox one, had HDR gaming, 4k with blu ray, and the starting price is $299. This console has a release date of August of this year. It is still unclear if Gamestop or another video game retail store will have trade in promotions to get the new console cheaper.

Gears of War 4 was the first game they demoed and it has a release date of October 11 th , 2016.

Some of the biggest news that came out of the show was that Xbox is now supporting Windows Play Anywhere. Which is Microsoft’s new cross play system between windows 10 and Xbox One. This means that you can buy a game once for both systems and can pick it up and play it anytime anywhere between the two gaming devices digitally.

Killer Instinct announced they had new characters coming to the game and showcased one of them which was General Raam from the Gears of War series. They announced Forza Horizon 3 and they showed the beautiful new graphics for this racing game and coop play. Coop play is really cool for this game because you can join someone else’s world seamlessly with no wait time. This game is set to release September 27 th , 2016.

Final Fantasy 15 showed a very cluttered boss battle demo with a Septmeber 30th, 2016 release date.

Tom Clancy’s The Division announced its new DLC The Underground comes out first for Xbox One June 28 th , 2016.

Xbox then came back out on stage and announced some new features coming for Xbox Live including: Background music, Cortana will be on Xbox now, Clubs on Xbox Live so you can create your own gaming community, Looking for group feature, and a new way to play tournaments.

Minecraft announced that you can now play on iOS, Android, and now Xbox together through cross play. Minecraft is also now Virtual Reality (VR) combatable and has new ad ons for the game coming out this fall.

Xbox then showed a promo for design your own controller. You can create and design a controller with over 6 million possibilities and even engrave the controller with your name. They have yet to release a price for this at this time.

Gwent the game was brought on stage by CD Projekt Red (The developers of The Witcher Series) and they announced that Gwent is now a solo card game for consoles. It has its own campaign mode and arena modes to play with friends. Set to release in September of this year.

Tekken 7 was announced and it now has a story mode with an early 2017 release date.

Dead Rising 4 got a demo as well and they are bringing back the first Dead Rising main character this game has a 2016 holiday release date.

Halo Wars 2 was announced with a February 21 st , 2017 release date.

They also announced Recore, Inside, The Happy Few, Scale Bound, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay all of these are indie games with no information besides 2 minute trailers and no release dates.

For the last announcement of the show they announced Xbox: Scorpio which is a new super Xbox that has a bunch of specs no one has ever heard of and that it’s more powerful than any console to date with a late 2017 release date.

Ubisoft Conference:

Ubisoft had a fun conference with Aisha Tyler being the host again for the show. They started off the show with Just Dance 2017 and it releases on all consoles October 2016.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands had a wonderful demo with spectacular graphics. This is an open world shooter than you can play solo or 4 player coop and releases March 7 th , 2017.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (heh. get it.) is South Park’s newest video game. This time you create your character and choose a super power to have in the game. It is extremely crude but with some good laughs. Well, it is exactly what you would imagine a South Park video game to be. This game releases December 6th, 2016.

Next up was their VR games which were Eagle Flight and Star Trek Bridge Crew. Eagle flight was a game where you are an eagle and you try to take objectives back to your nest. Then Star Trek IS a game where you are in the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise and everyone has a job and if you fail to do that job the ship crashes. There are no release dates for these currently.

For Honor is the next game that everyone has been waiting to see more of since last years E3. IT is a melee game where you can play as 3 fractions (Vikings, Samurai, and Knights) to try and conquer the world. This game releases February 14 th , 2017.

They showed off The Assassins Creed movie that comes out December 21 st , 2016. They showed a new trailer with some amazing shots from behind the scenes.

Watchdogs 2 had a lot of new gameplay and this game is set in San Francisco and everything is hackable. There is no release date yet for this game.

Games they also showed off were Grow Up and Trials of the Blood Dragon. Probably one of the biggest announcements was their last game called Steep. It is a open world mountain extreme sports game that you snowboard, ski, paraglide, or fly in a wing suit across some tall snow peaked mountains. This game also does not have a release date.


Playstation Conference:

I have to say Sony stole the show this year in my opinion. They had a live orchestra playing every song for their game demos and by God it was EPIC.

Sony started it right off with a God of War trailer and gameplay that no one was expecting. Kronos now has a son and he is teaching him how to kill and be a man. The graphics were phenomenal and there was talk of it possibly being open world.

The next game that was show cased was Days Gone. For all those zombie fans this is a post-apocalyptic game. Hordes upon hordes of Zombies.

Coming to us October 25 th 2016 is the much anticipated The Last Guardian. This is about a small boy and a friendly giant hybrid creature. The two characters work together to run from guards that are after them. This is one I am excited for. I will need to start a savings for October now.

The next game really piqued my interest. Detroit: Become Human, this game follows an android named Kara who escapes the factory she was created. This game you live by your decisions and everything has a consequence.

For those that love horror, January 24 th 2016 Resident Evil 7 will be released. This game is one I won’t be playing. Not unless I choose not to sleep for weeks. If this kind of game was not all ready creepy enough, it will also be virtual reality.

One of the largest announcements of the night, Playstation will release their own virtual reality headset and over 50 games this year! The headset is coming October 13 th 2016.  Farpoint, Star Wars Battlefront: XWing VR Mission, Batman: Arkham VR were just a few of the games mentioned coming out post the new VR headset. Final Fantasy 15 which will also be VR is set to come out September 30 th 2016.

November 4 th 2016 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be released. For some additional $$ Call of Duty 4 remastered will be included.

Another announcement that really got the crowd excited was the upcoming remastered Crash Bandicoot Games. Crash will also get to be in the upcoming Skylander game where it’s now possible to build your own Skylander. This is coming in October 2016.

To me the most exciting news was of Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus. The trailer didn’t show us much information on the game but it did show us a naked Norman Reedus with his baby Fetus!

Spider-Man PS4 was also a crowd pleaser with a new Spider-Man game and a new costume this open world game looks like a lot of fun!


Nintendo Conference / Day 2:

Nintendo didn’t have a big presentation but they did have 2 of their biggest games showcased. The new Legend of Zelda game finally got a title today and it’s official title is: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is another open world Zelda game that feature Link and when it releases it will have over 100 hours of gameplay. It honestly reminds of a Legend of Zelda/Skyrim mash up, but I am excited nonetheless.

The other game Nintendo showcased was the Pokémon games Pokémon Sun and Moon. With 3 new starters and a new batch of Pokémon this game will not disappoint Pokémon fans across the world. This game is set to release November 18 th of this year.

Now that all of the conferences are over, what game are you looking forward to the most? What conference beat the others?

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