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Food and Superheroes: Who Eats What?

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I have recently completely ran out of ideas for articles and that is one of he reasons that I haven’t been contributing much here on 4LN (not that you have noticed, with the great work coming from Cam and Stephen). I recently sent Stephen a text asking for an article Idea and he mentioned that it would be cool to do an article about the food that a superhero would cook, similar to Cam’s article about the coffee that our favorite hero’s enjoy. So, here is my take on what some heroes would eat. Now, keep in mind that this is all speculation and solely based on characters personalities.

CAPTAIN AMERICACaptain America movie

Up first, I have to go with Steve Rodgers, Captain America. What would this good time, freedom loving, red white and blue hero sit down and have for dinner? Well, I think his first two favorite meals would have to be a nice American wood fire grilled hamburger. I can see Steve standing around Avengers Tower doing a Memorial Day cookout. I imagine Steve standing around the grill with a Coke Cola in hand and a New York Yankees hat on. Besides a nice hamburger, I believe Cap would also enjoy a nice simple hot dog from a street vendor in NYC. Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us back to those “old days” that Steve grew up on.


Next up, I have to go with the Amazing Spider-Man. Now, what in the world does a meal look like for the superior wall-crawler? Well, a lot of the time I see Spider-Man kinda like me, a broke college student trying to figure things out. I think occasionally Spider-Man makes a trip down to McDonalds for something on the dollar menu, but this is only when he “loses” his invitation to Steve’s Memorial Day party. But, on those late nights when Peter has been swinging around Manhattan, he comes home to a empty apartment, cracks open a Diet Pepsi and turns the stove on for some boiling water, once the water is boiling Spidey heads over to his cabinets and pulls out some Lime Chili Shrimp Ramen.


How about Batman? That’s simple. A Knuckle Sandwich with a side of Justice.

Ever wonder what the king of Atlantis eats, I bet you think he’s vegan and wants to protect all the little fishies in the ocean? Well that’s not exactly correct. For this superhero I’m not basing this on speculation, but rather proof. I can’t say if this is Aquaman’s favorite meal, but I can say it’s one he enjoys. In Aquaman #1 from the DC N52 re-launch, Arthur actually goes into a fish restaurant and gets an order of Fish n’ Chips and a few people are really caught off guard by this. Just because he’s king of the ocean doesn’t mean he’s against eating his peasants. (Honorable mention goes to John Constantine. His meals consist of coffee, cigarettes and fish n’ chips. But that’s only because he’s British and I always enjoy a good stereotype. )


Now, how about those people that we all know that really enjoy weird food. I’m pretty sure we all know someone like that. Just the other night I was talking with my friend Clay, who is a baker, and he was telling me about some really f—ked up things people eat. The one that stuck with me the most is how it’s considered a delicacy to eat a LIVE baby octopus. And who else to eat this weird shit then the wonderful Steven Vincent Price Strange, better known as Dr. Strange. I feel he would also be a big fan of Fried Brain Sandwiches; after all, they do support stronger brain activity, right? (I actually can’t fathom eating that.) I would also like to mention, I imagine dinner at the Strange residence is similar to that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where they cut the snake open and tons of little snakes come out. If I ever get an invitation to their, I’ll politely decline.

What do you think your favorite superhero would consider their favorite dish? Let us know in the comments below.

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