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Game of Thrones Season Six, Trailer 2 Analysis

13 days!!! That’s all we have left to wait before the return of Game of Thrones. And to wet our appetites just one more time, HBO put out the second full trailer for the upcoming season. Here are some observations:

1. There’s a Fight Over Jon Snow’s Body

Davos and Ghost

My money’s on the side with Sir Davos and Ghost on it.

That’s Jon Snow’s body in the background and that’s Davos ready to kill to keep the people on the other side of that door from getting it. Why is there a fight over the body of the guy that show producers have insisted is “deader than dead?”

2. Walder Frey is back!!!

Walder Frey

I’m sure you forgot about this guy.

Should I be this excited about the return of this douche? The man behind the Red Wedding (yes, I know Tywin Lannister’s idea, but he’s dead, so let’s not over analyze this) is back. Will anyone be able to get this old bag of bones the grizzly death he deserves?

3. Cersei Wants Tommen Leading Lannister Armies?

Tommen and Cersei

Cersei and Tommen discussing battlefield strategy?

Now, doesn’t this seem a tad bit hypocritical? Didn’t Cersei want Joffrey as far away from battle as possible back at the Blackwater? Now she sends her only remaining child to the front to lead? I guess that walk of shame has changed Cersei’s views on things. I also assume, with numerous other clips of Lannister’s confronting Sparrows, that the battle in question is against the Holy Sept. Or could there be another enemy the Lannister’s are fighting as well?

4. Davos Has a New Cause

Whitewalker council

The Whitewalker Council doing what Whitewalker Councils do: being badass Whitewalkers.

What do you do when the you lose the only man you’ve had any allegiance to over the course of four seasons? Take on ice zombies is what you do if you’re the Onion Knight, Davos Seaworth. We see and hear on the trailer Davos trying to convince someone (though we don’t know who) to join “the real war between the living and the dead” because “the dead are coming.” I wondered what Sir Davos’s cause would be with the “one true king” gone. I think the second trailer has given us our answer.

5. Tyrion Has a Plan for Dany’s Two Remaining Dragons

Tyrion and the Dragons

Tyrion waits for Dany’s friendly Dragons to come out and say hey.

I predicted this one based on the last trailer (and yes I did mean to brag about that). And Tyrion’s dialogue at the end of the trailer indicate clearly that the Halfman has a plan that involves using Dany’s dragons. I think I could watch Tyrion training Dragons for an entire season and be entertained by it.

I’ve posted the full trailer here. The long wait is almost over!!!

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