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Indie Film-Making Spotlight – River City Heroes: Ascendance

A couple weeks ago we ran a review of a small indie horror film called Volumes of Blood.
(You can read that review here.)

Well, some of the producers of that film are attached to a great new superhero project called River City Heroes: Ascendance, which is a brand new, indie superhero web-series.

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The films official synopsis: “The Trio: Knightmare, Dreamcatcher, and Anarchy-X, three ordinary people, called upon to be the vigilante heroes of a city wrought with dark secrets. Plagued with their own personal demons, they bring it upon themselves to become the saviors in a thankless city. Under the watchful eye of their mentor Chronos, who harbors a past of darkness himself, the Trio wages a war on the villains of the city. The sadistic drug lord Animus holds grip on the underworld, while Persephone Masters, a crafty and powerful politician, sits on high in the city and hires the cold and calculating assassin, Strife, to eliminate anyone who stands in her way. The villains play River City like their own personal chess game with the veiled and mysterious Cryofire corporate power quietly plotting all the moves. With the Trio holding on to what justice there is left in the city, they are faced with unexpected challenges both within themselves and throughout the streets as they set about hunting down the men and women who have corrupted their city.”


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Right now, the series creators have an IndieGoGo page up so that anyone who’s interested in supporting this creative and original concept can do just that. Click the link below to head over to the IndieGoGo page and get more info on how you can contribute!


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