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Jeff Lemire and Justice League United


All this team is missing is Kyle Rayner

News came out last Thursday that some interesting things might be happening in Jeff Lemire’s new Justice League book. The first rumor about this book was that it would be Justice League Canada (now, I wasn’t completely thrilled about this, but if Jeff Lemire writes something, I’ll read it). But according to USA Today the new Justice League book will take place in the great white north and the outer limits of space.

The book was originally titled Justice League Canada but the name has been changed to Justice League United and will take place in every area of the N52 DC Universe, and Lemire stated “It’s very much a swashbuckling, world-jumping space adventure.

The cast will consist of Martian Manhunter, Animal Man, Stargirl, Supergirl , Green Arrow, Cree Girl, Adam Strange, and Alana Strange. This is a pretty big roster, but I believe that this team will be in good hands. You can find Justice League United on sell in April of 2014.

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