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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Produce Gaiman’s Sandman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears to be on track to out-James Franco James Franco, meaning he seems to be on his way to becoming a modern Renaissance Man. He runs his own collaborative-based production company, Hit RECord, which allows writers, musicians, illustrators, videographers, and editors to collaborate on films via the website, and is also fresh off his directorial debut in the generally well-received Don Jon. What I am trying to say he has been busy.

Recently it was announced that he will be producing a long awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. He will be teaming up with Dark Knight scribe, David Goyer, as well as Neil Gaiman himself, who will be executive producing the film. There is also talk that JGL will also star in and direct Sandman.

Sandman itself tells the story of the Lord of the Dreaming, named Morpheus, who is the personification of dreams, and oscillates between the horror and fantasy/mythological genres. You probably first heard about it when the creepy guy in your high school talked about it non-stop (at least that’s where I first heard of it). Anyways, I am definitely interested to see how the film itself plays out.

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