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Learn To Code & Make $90K In 3 Months


Are you currently working a job you hate getting paid minimum wage, or working a mundane desk job that offers no excitement? Are you spending tens of thousands of dollars on school and dreading the next 4 years of your life? What if I told you there is a job market where you can come in knowing nothing, train for 3 months and come out with a full time job making $90,000+ a year starting out, would you believe me? Welcome to the world of web development, my friends.

Demand For Web Developers Is Soaring

Web developers and programmers have always been needed to help create web products, but with the explosion of web connected devices over the past few years the demand for this talent is greatly outweighing the current number of people who can develop and program. Phones, tablets, televisions, game systems, cars and pretty much anything else you can throw a screen on are all having some kind of app or program made for them to increase functionality or create a better experience. All of this is made possible by developers.

It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Trying to understand programming is very intimidating to most people. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to start than you might think. Programming schools are spreading like wildfire now. I’m not talking about traditional 4 year universities, but a 3 month boot camp that has you building projects from day one. Often referred to as hacker schools, these boot camps generally cost no more $3000, some don’t even require payment until you land a job.


Fun Environments & Non Stop Work

A typical day in a hacker school has you learning an aspect of a programming language (Ruby On Rails is by far the most popular at the moment) and applying it to the given project at the time. Throughout your time in school, you’re constantly working on a product (a site identical to Flickr for instance) and learn what it takes to build it along the way. At the end of your time in the school, a job fair is generally hosted were various start-ups and other tech companies come in to browse talent and hire for jobs. Some boot camps have a job placement rate as high as 90%.

There are a few drawbacks to these hacker schools, though. These generally do not pay you to attend and you’re working anywhere from 80 to 100 hours a week on learning, so it is very difficult to hold a job. Most do not provide any lodging or housing, so if you’re attending from out of town it may be difficult to find a place to stay during your time here.

If you can get around those drawbacks and work your ass off for a few months, you will have a bright career path with unlimited potential to do whatever you want and work for pretty much whoever you want. This is a great alternative path, compared to more traditional career path routes. If you’re interested in computers or tech in general, this is totally worth checking out and considering. Below are links to some of the premiere hacker schools in the US.

Does giving up 3 months of your time like this sound beneficial, considering the payoff and potential at the end?


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