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Local Spotlight: Dr. Gangrene’s Horror Hootenanny

One year ago to the month, I was working on an article series about great horror movies available to watch on Netflix before Halloween (part 1, part 2). I was having trouble putting together as many films as I wanted so I reached out to my ghoulish friend, Nashville Horror Host Extraordinaire, Dr. Gangrene and asked him to write one of the articles. He jumped in and threw together a list of great classic horror flicks that were on Netflix for anyone to frightfully enjoy. Well, now I have a chance to repay the kind, and creepy, Dr, by showcasing his annual event, The Horror Hootenanny! I was lucky enough to go to last years’s 10th Annual Horror Hootenanny and it was a BLAST! I got to see the Koffin Kats for the first time and they were incredible. I also go to see classic Nashville horror punk band The Creeping Cruds, as well as this years headlining band, Dead Dick Hammer, and let me tell you, if you like southern horror-punk/rockabilly you NEED to see this band.

The good Dr was kind enough to let me remove his scalp and pick his brain about the Hootenanny, and Hottenanny’s past. Check out our chat!


4LN- This years Horror Hootenanny will be the 11th one. Can you give us a little history on how the annual event got started?

Dr. Gangrene – The event started in 2004 as a fundraiser for my TV show. At that time I was putting it on the UPN channel by buying airtime. Jeano Roid of the Creeping Cruds came up with the idea to throw this bash to raise money to keep us on the air. A couple of years later the show got “picked up” by our local WB station, and we didn’t need to money for that anymore, so we kept it going and we used the money to bring in out of town acts. It became a local tradition!
4LN – While every Hootenanny has been fun and unique in it’s own way, is there any year that stands out in your mind as having been especially great?

DG – That’s hard to say. As you say they’re all unique, but I think the first one will always be extra special because it was the first. We had no idea if it would work or even if anyone would even show up. We held it in a little place called The Runway off Murfreesboro Rd. that closed right after we held the event. But the place was packed and we had a blast!
4LN – One of the main attractions this year is the midnight screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Is this something that’s new to the Hootenanny’s?

DG – Yeah this is the first time we’ve added a movie. It seemed a natural fit as we have a new location, Cult Fiction Underground. This is actually the first event in the New location, and Cult Fiction is set up to screen movies throughout the year. It has two rooms – a bar and a movie room, so it should work out perfectly. We’re bringing in John Dugan who played Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw to talk a bit about the movie beforehand, and Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on THE MUNSTERS will be there as well.

4LN – If money and scheduling were of no concern, what bands and horror film celebrities would you love to get for the Horror Hootenanny?

DG – Well if money were no object I’d say Alice Cooper, Danzig or Rob Zombie. But more realistically there’s so many amazing bands out there I’d love to have play: Calabrese, Los Strait Jackets, Satan’s Pilgrims, Southern Culture on the Skids, Man or Astroman?, Deadbolt, The Misfits, Wednesday 13 – the list goes on and on. One guy I’d absolutely love to get is Roky Erickson. He’s a horror rock legend, and I caught him last year in Cincinnati. Fantastic act.

As for celebrities how cool would it be to hang out with Bruce Campbell? That would be pretty cool!


If you live in the Nashville area, you need to get yourself a costume and get down to Cult Fiction this Saturday night for a horrifically fun time! You get all the detail on the show at the Dr. Gangrene’s Horror Hootenanny Official Facebook Page!

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