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Magneto to Get His Own Comic

For the first time since his first appearance 50 years ago, Magneto is slated to get his own comic run. Magneto will be written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Astonishing X-Men) and follows the Master of Magnetism as he seeks out and eliminates threats to mutant-kind.

This comic appears to spin off of the Uncanny X-men in which Magneto’s powers are on the fritz (and Cyclops is a bad guy). Magneto, having resigned himself to being far less powerful than he was previously, has set off alone to become judge, jury, and executioner of any threats he finds against his people.

Bunn states, “Magneto in this story is very much a detective, seeking out and investigating threats to mutants before cutting loose with all the fury of a supervillain — or superhero, depending on your point of view.” So it’s clear that Magneto will not be following Batman’s philosophy of playing nice (nice meaning deciding to horribly maim not kill) and choosing to stick closer to the Punisher’s brand of justice. “He’s standing up for his people — the mutants,” says Bunn. “He refuses to let them suffer as he has seen others suffer. But he’s taken steps to protect mutants that can only be seen as evil. His ideals are often ‘good’ while his methods are not. … He might stand by the heroes from time to time, but he’s terrifying for the average person.”

Bunn also plans on diving into the characters past by having him interact with Prof. Xavier (currently dead), and his children, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in a series of flashback.

Magneto #1 launches in March, Just in time for X-Men: Days of Futures Past.


Source: USA Today

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