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Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Marvel has released a series of short videos, meant to help you get a little more familiar with all the Guardians. Click the “Play All” button and check ’em out, along with another look at the full-length trailer!


And here’s the brand new poster that was just released as well!


I know I’ve posted about this movie like a billion times, but I’m really excited about it. I love the approach to these characters. I love that Chris Pratt just says it, “Peter Quill is not a superhero”. This dude is an intergalactic Bruce Wayne, or Tony Stark. He’s just a dude. No powers to give him an edge. All he’s got is his mind and how he uses it.

I love Bautista’s thoughts on Drax. This dude lost his entire family. They were MURDERED. He’s got an emotional darkness and rage inside of him that cannot be matched. It’s gonna be really interesting to see how that plays on-screen.

I love Zoe Saldana. Period. I just love her. I think she’s a rare breed; a great actress, who also has a grasp of how to do action. That doesn’t happen very often. Some of our best actresses would not be built for action movies, and most action actresses have a pretty tough time conveying any emotion that the role requires. Even in the Avatar motion capture she was believable, so I think she’ll dominate this performance.

I love Vin Diesel as Groot. Dude’s best performance ever is Iron Giant, and Groot is really a lot like the Iron Giant. They’re both big, and intimidating-looking, but really they’re innocent softies at heart.

And finally… I LOVE Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon. I just love Rocket, honestly. I think the great thing about Bradley Cooper voicing the character is that it gives Rocket the legitimate personification he deserves, because Cooper can be serious but he’s also really funny. I love the idea of Rocket changing the game on how animals are used in film. Yes he’s a talking, gun-toting Raccoon, but he’s got feelings, he has a conscience and a soul. He’s not just there to be comedy relief or to be pitied. Director James Gunn is an animal lover and he’s never been secretive about his plans for Rocket to have a serious and significant role in the film. I think this casting is evidence of that intention.

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