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Being a nerd means that most aspects of your life are affected by your nerdiness. When creative nerds create something, most likely they’re will be a thread of their nerdiness somewhere in it. Submitted for your listening pleasure, in no particular order, here are some creative nerds that made creatively nerdy music…


Some songs may contain NSFW lyrics... but that's part of  WHY we like them isn't it?!

Some songs may contain NSFW lyrics… but that’s part of WHY we like them isn’t it?!


Horse the Band – “Birdo”

Groovy riffs, breakdowns, and lyrics about a character from Mario… “Nintendocore” at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.  If you aren’t familiar with HTB check out their album “The Mechanical Hand”, which this song is from.


mc chris – “Fette’s Vette”

mc chris is probably most famous for his track “Hoodie Ninja” (and his extensive musical contributions to Adult Swim), but this song all about the bad-ass, helmeted bounty hunter from the War of the Stars is hands down one of the best examples of hip-hop’s nerdy basement-Magic-tournament-playing cousin Nerdcore. Check out his album “mc chris is dead” for more epic, hip-hop nerdiness.


Emmure – “Blackheart Reigns”

Here’s one for the comic book crowd. As the title suggests this song is about Blackheart, a common foe of Ghost Rider, who is actually a featured villain in the first Ghost Rider film. Frankie Palmeri, the vocalist for Emmure, is a big comic book fan, and so most all of the songs on their 2012 album “Slave to the Game” are named to include comic book references. If you’re a comic book fan, and a metal/hardcore fan, you should at check this one out.


Protest the Hero – “Clarity”

Another one for the metal crowd, and the Star Wars fans, but this time we’re throwing Star Trek (and some general LARPing) in the mix. This track by these Canadian progressive metalcore-ists is about the ago-old nerd argument, “what’s better: Star Wars or Star Trek?”


Nerf Herder – “Lamer Than Lame”

With a band name taken straight out of Star Wars, Nerf Herder single-handedly capture exactly what it’s like to be a nerd and in love with a girl who just doesn’t notice you. I recommend their 2000 album, “How To Meet Girls”, for more awesome nerdy pop-punk songs like “Pantera Fans In Love” and “She’s A Sleestak”.


Honorable mention:

Wesley Willis – “I Whupped Batman’s Ass”

I have to give props to my friend Nick for making me aware of this one. The song is actually really catchy and I often find myself singing it randomly. I really don’t know how to explain how amazing it is, you just have to experience it for yourself.


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