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New Suicide Squad #2 review and Interview with writer Sean Ryan.

Book: New Suicide Squad #2
Writer: Sean Ryan
Artist: Tom Derenick
Inker: Scott Hanna

Summary from Comixology: “Trapped inside Russia with no hope of rescue, the Squad does what they do best: go out with a bang!”


The Overview:
This issue is called “Pure Insanity” and that is a really good description of the book, and I mean that in a good way. It seems like things just keep getting worse for The Suicide Squad, and not much is looking up for them in the near future (we’ll see what’s happening in 5 years time next issue thanks to Futures End…) I personally enjoyed the Slade Wilson situation that is developing with the Russians, I think it will make a very interesting subplot for the story.

The Good:
I think the best thing about the book is the chemistry between the characters: Jokers Daughter is just nuts and seems to be copying Harley Quinn, Slade Wilson is off doing his own mercenary thing, Black Manta is trying his hardest to be a leader and gets flack from Deadshot. I also really enjoyed the art in this book. It was very clean and easy to tell what was going on. Personally, I also just really like this team and how they interact with one another. It’s very entertaining.

The Bad:
The only real problem I have with this book has nothing to do with the writer, artist, or anything. My problem is Futures End, I REALLY don’t think every DC book needs a crossover into the book, I think it’s very unnecessary, and will take away from the story of this book right now (but, I’ll have to wait and see how it ties in.) Futures End is a rant for another day. My only other problem with the book was it was a bit hard to tell who was talking to who in the action scenes, since they were talking to Vic Sage, through earpieces (That’s my guess) it was a bit overwhelming with who was talking to who.

The Final Say:
I really loved this issue and I think you will as well. Be sure to pick up issue 1 before you read this, so you aren’t too lost. Over all this book gets a solid 3 out of 4. It’s one hell of a ride and it truly is pure insanity. You really want to jump on this book before some crazy things happen.

Speaking of crazy things, we recently got the opportunity to have an interview with the writer of New Suicide Squad, Sean Ryan, check it out!


4LN – Do you find it difficult to write a team up book without playing favorites with the group you are writing? 

Sean Ryan- I guess I must find it difficult, cause I do play favorites…I love Deadshot, and he’s certainly the person who, for me, is at the center of the series. But I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m not paying attention to the other characters. Each member of the team, including Waller, is important, and I want to make sure they all shine and come through as complete human beings. But I’d certainly be lying if I said I don’t have my favorites.

4LN –  Are certain characters are easier to write than others?

SR – Yeah, certain characters are easier to write than others. Waller and Deadshot, to me are the easiest.  Joker’s Daughter has been tricky, mainly because she’s so new. It’s been difficult trying to find out who she really is, beyond just “she’s crazy.” I’m still trying to unlock her, so to speak. I think I’m getting there, though.”

4LN – In the first issue there was a notable amount of hostility and sarcasm between Deadshot and Deathstroke, can we expect to see that play out more in future issues?

SR – Very much so.  You’ll definitely see it really play out in issue 4. Deathstroke has zero respect for Deadshot. It sort of insults Deathstroke to be on the same team as Deadshot.  As for Deadshot, he sees Deathstroke as a threat to his place on the team. He hates Deathstroke and just wants him to go away. Deathstroke makes Deadshot feel useless.

4LN – For someone who hasn’t read suicide squad #1, is there anything you can tell us about he future of Suicide Squad that would get someone who hasn’t read #1 to jump on the title?

SR – Oh man, I never know what to tell people.  What do people like these days? Can I tell people that Walter White eventually joins the team?

I suppose if I have to stick with truth, I can tell them that they should get on board now, because there’s definitely a big story under the surface that we’re going to be building to. There was a hint to it in the first issue. It’s going to bubble up as the series goes along, and I think it’s going to be pretty big. But I’d say get on board now so you can see how it all comes together.

4LN – Are there any political undertones (since the book is taking place in Russia) that you can share with us?

SR – There are political undertones. Nothing too specific, more in a general sense. The first arc is called “Pure Insanity,” and it’s mainly about how ego and short sightedness in leadership can cause chaos, and how they end up creating a lot of unforeseen collateral damage. You could probably say that a lot of places are victims of this, but Russia especially these days fits this bill pretty well.  I mean, just look at the plane that was shot down a few weeks ago. Those people died because of what? Because of people in power making decisions, without realizing the unforeseen consequences.



4LN – What’s the last thing you Googled? 

SR – T​he last thing I Googled was “Europe Al-Qaeda.” Fun stuff, right?  I was looking it up cause I co-host a podcast about that’s sort of about the news called, Horrifically Misinformed, and I was researching a story about how ransom money from Europeans is basically funding Al-Qaeda.  Seems interesting.

4LN – What comic book character do you think deserves their own Broadway Musical? 

SR – Well, I’m not sure any comic book character “deserves” their own Broadway show…But if there’s one I’d like to see…Maybe the Legion of Super-Heroes? Musicals are usually easier to digest if it’s a bunch of bright-eyed teens singing the songs. I could certainly see the Legion flying around and singing songs about how great the future is. And you could definitely fill out the chorus with the eighty-six Legion members.

4LN – If there was an addition character that you could bring into Suicide Squad, who do you think would be the best for the team?

SR – Well, the best person for the team would be Rick Flagg. He’s a great leader and could maybe get the team organized. He’d be a calming figure the team could really need.

4LN – What character has the best Origins story?

SR – Of all characters? It’s gotta be Spider-Man, right? Great power, Uncle Ben, all that good stuff.

4LN – What was the last thing you binge watched?

SR – I don’t really like binge watching. I like taking my time with shows. I don’t usually watch more than two episodes of a show at a time. If you binge watch, then the show’s over so soon. I actually think binge watching is not really a great way to watch a TV show. Take your time, I say.


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