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New “Wizard of OZ” Series Coming To NBC!

It’s been announced that NBC is planning a brand new mini-series based in the world of The Wizard of OZ.

Source: NBC’s ‘Emerald City’ Mini-Series Will Be a ‘More Thrilling, Epic’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ Story

R.I.P. Scarecrow


The series, titled “Emerald City”, is said to be darker in tone than anything we’ve seen in film or TV from L. Frank Baum’s world of talking animals and murderous witches. Dorothy is going to be more confident and “headstrong” than we’ve seen her previously depicted.

I think this a great idea. I’ve personally NEVER liked the original Wizard of OZ movie (because I’m a horrid, imagination-less shell of a human), but I love Wicked, and the Tin Man mini-series that SyFy did. Plus, I thought that Disney’s OZ the Great and Powerful was visually magnificent. Approaching this story the way that Snow White was approached in Snow White and the Huntsman could be really interesting. Getting to see Dorothy as less of a “victim” and more of a legitimate protagonist. I’d really like to see them limit the “love interest” dynamic though. I’m sure they won’t, but I think the “will they?” plot point is getting tired. I’d like to see this character not need that. That’s the one good thing I can personally say about the original film, is that while Dorothy was naive, she wasn’t a love-sick puppy. NBC, let the new Dorothy be independent, not “independent… until the right handsome, smooth-talking gentleman comes along”.

“You came in like a wrecking ball? That’s cute. I came in like like a f—ing tornado and dropped a house on this b—h.”


The series won’t premier until later this year, or perhaps sometime next year. Until then, here’s this…

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